How To Freeze Bread

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How to freeze bread rolls? How long can you freeze homemade bread dough? These are just some of the questions that people ask when they are thinking of preserving their store-bought bread or homemade bread at home. Excess bread can spoil and grow molds, so people must know how to preserve bread properly. Bread can be frozen and then reheated later on when you need to consume it. We are going to teach you everything you need to know about freezing bread so you can have more fresh bread when you need it.

How Long Can You Freeze Store-Bought Bread?

Should you freeze bread?

Homemade bread typically does not last as long as commercial bread because it doesn’t have the preservatives that make commercial bread last longer. So if you are a fan of artisan bread, know that freezing it will make it last longer. There is no need to waste perfectly good bread – just freeze it properly, and it will be there when you need it.

Freezing bread also prevents the bread from developing the stale smell and taste that we all do not like. When staleness begins to manifest, that is usually the time that the molds are getting ready to take over the bread. Perfectly good loaves go to waste just because folks can’t consume them fast enough. Freezing checks this problem by the bread last far longer than usual.  

How long does bread last in the freezer?

If frozen properly, bread can last up to six months in the freezer without any adverse effects on its flavors, texture, or quality. On average, people want to store their bread for up to three weeks. For this type of storage, you will only need to wrap your bread tightly in plastic wrap.

For short-term storage of artisan or homemade bread, wrap the loaf or rolls in plastic wrap before adding a layer of freezer paper or aluminum foil. Store in the freezer and thaw out the bread after three weeks. Commercially bought bread can be placed inside the freezer as they are, without additional layers of protection. The packaging should be sufficient to keep the bread in good condition for one to three weeks. Depending on the packaging that comes with bread rolls, there may be instances when you need to repackage the bread rolls for better results. The bread rolls need to be packed tightly together in the freezer. If the original packaging is too loose, repack the bread rolls with plastic wrap, then add the aluminum foil before placing inside the freezer.

Does freezing bread ruin it?

For long term storage:

After sealing the bread with plastic wrap, get a measure of foil and wrap the bread once again in aluminum foil. If there are is no aluminum foil available, the next best thing is freezer paper.

Be sure to write down when you froze the bread so you can check the next time you get some frozen bread for reheating. Take note that if you freeze bread longer than half a year, the quality is going to slowly deteriorate as freezer burn will slowly progress into the bread. But if you are asking if bread after six months is still going to be edible, it will be, but would you want to eat bread that has been frozen that long?

Tips for freezing bread:

  • If you like buying or making loaves of bread, but you take a long time to consume them, consider slicing the loaves and freezing the individual slices. This way, you can just pull out individual pieces as you need them, and there is no need to thaw out the entire loaf.
  • We do not recommend refreezing bread that has stood at room temperature for some time. The reason for this is that bacteria can form in the bread, and when you freeze bread in this state, the next time you thaw it out, the bacteria will proliferate faster and more aggressively.
  • Consider baking multiple loaves of bread time and then freezing them so you won’t have to bake so much in the coming weeks. This is a splendid time-saver that will make you a super fan of freezing bread.
  • Do you have a party soon? You can save time, again, by baking all the bread you need for the party ahead of time and just thawing them out on a special day. The flavors will be the same, and the bread will be as good as newly baked when it has been thawed out.
  • It is possible to freeze bread dough instead of the finished or baked bread. Bread dough takes up less space in the freezer compartment, and you can just thaw out the quantity that you need when you need to bake bread.
    You can even bake frozen dough; there is no impact on the finished bread. Just make sure that you adjust the cooking time because the frozen dough will require some time to thaw out in the oven before it begins cooking. To be on the safe side, you will need about 15 minutes of extra cooking time to ensure that your bread will be crispy and flavorful when it gets out of the oven.
  • Day-old bread at the bakery is often sold more cheaply, or in quantity, because no one likes wasting bread. You can buy these bread products and freeze them. You will spend 75% less when you do this.

How to Unfreeze Bread?

The simplest way to unfreeze bread is by putting the frozen loaf or rolls in the fridge (not in the freezer, of course) overnight. If your frozen bread is individual slices and you have no problem separating them from the frozen packing, feel free to put these directly in the toaster. The toaster will thaw the slices and toast them as you go along.

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