Is Ginger Ale Good for Your Health?

by iupilon

Is ginger ale better than Coke? This is the most common question that soda drinkers have when they think of shifting over to ginger ale. Ginger ale is still technically a type of soda, but it is made with such different ingredients that it’s easy to get confused. It doesn’t look or taste like regular soda – but it can be just as fizzy as regular soda. Let’s take a closer look at what ginger ale can provide you with health benefits and nutrition.

Ginger Ale Benefits

Ginger ale is traditionally used as a folk remedy or home remedy for gastrointestinal upset and motion sickness. If you feel a bit off after a night of drinking alcohol or eating more than you should’ve after a big meal, you can use ginger ale to soothe your rumbling stomach. Ginger is also traditionally used for improving the state of a sore throat.

It can also help with reducing the symptoms of sore throat and dry cough. If you feel under the weather, especially if it has something to do with inflammation, you can drink ginger ale to help your body recover more quickly. Note that drinking too much ginger ale can also harm the body. However, if you are not a heavy consumer, this shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Ginger ale also has some additional medical benefits for those who want to consume it for health purposes. Research shows that it can help improve your normal fasting blood sugar levels, long-term markers for the indication of average blood sugar levels, and tags for cardiovascular health if you are interested in reducing some risk markers for cardiovascular health, including markers that are related to cholesterol.

If you want all of the benefits that have been listed here, you must find a brand of ginger ale that is made with actual ginger instead of ginger flavor only. One tip: many of these ginger ale brands are tagged as “organic” and “unfiltered.” However, you have to prepare yourself for a slight shift in expectations.

Organic ginger ale or those made with real ginger powder and extracts tend to have a robust and ultra-spicy kick.

The ultra-spicy kick may not allow you to drink large quantities of organic ginger ales, but in other countries, these are relatively common, so be sure to check them out first.

Is Coke or Ginger Ale Better for an Upset Stomach?

Coke is not traditionally used for fixing an upset stomach or any other kind of ailment. On the other hand, Ginger ale is a folk remedy for nausea, motion sickness, and upset stomach.

It is consumed not just by adults but also by children, and as such, it can be used to alleviate or support someone with the symptoms of an upset stomach. Is it safe to reach for this drink when you have an upset stomach? Yes, it’s safe. As long as you don’t consume too much, you will probably get some relief from it until you need something more potent to deal with the symptoms.

Ginger Ale Sugar Content

Ginger ale vs. sprite? Ginger ale vs. other sodas? Which soda has more sugar in the final analysis? If we analyze the ginger ale brands in the market, we will see that many of them have between 35 to 39 grams of carbohydrates per serving (300+ ml). This means that the average can of ginger ale has the same amount of calories as other sodas, and these calories can translate to the same health issues if you drink too much. Keep in mind also that sugar in any form can still cause some weight gain, so if you are drinking ginger ale for its health benefits (especially its weight loss benefits), there is a need to be more selective with what you consume.

Cut down your caloric intake while still enjoying the health benefits of ginger and ginger ale, it’s vital that you a more organic brand that centers ginger instead of the sugar. This is also a good idea if you have type 2 diabetes, and you need to control your blood glucose levels. You need to change your diet, and if the ginger ale has a higher glucose content, it may not be useful for your weight loss plans or objectives.

What Is the Best Alcohol to Mix with Ginger Ale?

Surely, ginger ale is one of the best mixes around for cocktails. The trick is knowing how and where to mix it. If you have a Boston shaker at home and have a good feel for mixing drinks, you’ll love our conclusion to today’s blog. If you are thinking of creating your great concoction at home, you can try combining rum, cranberry juice, whiskey, beer, and other common alcoholic beverages. The trick is to balance the taste of ginger with the feeling of liquors and fruit juices.


Ginger ale is the closest that you can get to the perfect soda. It has the fizziness and bold taste of the drink, minus the chemicals and preservatives commonly used in other mixers. We recommend consuming ginger ale if you are tired of Coke and Pepsi or want something slightly healthier than other sodas.

Drink ginger ale also if you want to something that might help cure a hangover or an upset stomach. Ginger ale works best with GI issues due to nausea, overeating, and other related stressors. Notably, it can help people who have overindulged and are feeling stomach pains because the stomach is struggling to digest. A can or two of ginger ale may help alleviate the pain and improve the digestive process significantly.

Ginger ale may also help people who are struggling with type 2 diabetes and heart disease, as this beverage has been shown to reduce the markers of the disease, both in the short term and long term.


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