Can You Get Dragon Fruit In The US?

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If you’re eager to get yourself a basket full of dragon fruits, we’ll point you in the direction of an online retailer and a local supermarket in the US that you may already be familiar with. In addition to providing you with some delicious dragon fruit recipes, we will also let you know where you may get this exotic fruit.

The genus Hylocereus is a variety of cactus species native to the Americas. One of the names given to fruit in this genus is pitahaya—which is another name for the fruit. Australia, Southeast Asia, Mesoamerica, the Caribbean, the United States, and essentially everywhere else with a tropical or subtropical climate all grow dragon fruit.

Do They Have Dragon Fruit In Hawaii?

Only Florida, California, and Hawaii cultivate dragon fruit commercially in the United States. Only the states of California, Florida, and Hawaii can cultivate dragon fruit for commercial purposes in the United States.

The best spot to look for fresh dragon fruit is in the supermarket’s produce section, where you’ll find other fruit and vegetables. In addition, you should look in the dry, canned, and frozen sections because dragon fruit may be found in many different forms, including bite-sized portions, smoothies, chips, dried powder, and fruit salads.

What States Sell Dragon Fruit?

Only Florida, California, and Hawaii cultivate dragon fruit commercially in the United States. This is because the environment and temperature in these states are ideal for growing tropical fruits.

Although domestic production of dragon fruit is still low, it is on the rise. According to the AMRC, dragon fruit production in Southern California increased by a factor of 10 between 2002 and 2013. Dragon fruit can also be found in Hawaii and Florida.

It is commercially grown in climates similar to its native Central America. Although it is not commonly seen in American gardens, this plant thrives in the right conditions.

Considering its native range, it should be no surprise that dragon fruit is vulnerable to frost. However, the plant may be grown in containers in USDA Zone 9 if the container can be brought inside a sunroom or greenhouse during the winter.

The plant can be grown outside in pots or in the garden by gardeners in USDA hardiness zones 10 and 11. A dragon fruit tree should flourish in USDA Zones 10 and 11.

Although dragon fruit is not as widely available as other types of fruit, you can usually get it at Asian markets, grocery stores, and farmer’s markets. Most of the world’s supply comes from Vietnam. In addition, commercial cultivation of dragon fruit takes place in Israel, Thailand, and Australia; however, Australian produce is not exported. Dragon fruit is also grown in Malaysia, the Philippines, and Taiwan, among other Asian countries.

How Much Is Dragon Fruit In The US?

According to Food Network, one serving of this rare fruit can cost as much as $10 per serving. Spending so much on something barely larger than a typical mango fruit is ridiculous.

Only a tiny fraction of Americans, primarily those who have gone to tropical regions, have had dragon fruit since many Americans are unfamiliar with “strange” fruits; supermarkets in the United States only stock tiny quantities and price them accordingly.

Because importers know there is little domestic competition for dragon fruit, nearly 90% of the fruit sold in the USA comes from overseas. Therefore, demand is modest, and the reasonably high price of this fruit has kept demand low.

This fact alone explains why the price of this fruit is higher than that of other naturally occurring fruits in our country, such as the exquisite red apples. Unfortunately, natural disasters like droughts, wildfires, and hurricanes may devastate the agriculture industry and the economy, even in places like Hawaii, California, and Florida, where dragon fruit is grown.

Further, according to the AMRC, storms, and wildfires tend to strike these areas between June and September, the peak dragon fruit harvest season. Therefore, US citizens can only get a reliable supply of this fruit by paying more to send it in from abroad.

What Is Dragon Fruit Called In America?

Dragon fruit, also known as strawberry pear—or pitahaya on Asian markets, is a stunningly gorgeous, sweet, and crunchy tropical fruit. It is delicious in fruit salads, versatile in the kitchen (it can be used to make excellent drinks and sweets, and it makes for a great, healthy snack all on its own) and versatile in the kitchen.

There are four distinct types of this fruit, all of which have pink skins but differ in their flesh color from white to red to purple. However, the fourth type’s golden skin and white flesh stand out.

All of them, like kiwifruits, have tiny black seeds that can be eaten. This exotic fruit is beautiful enough to be served on its own, but it also makes a great cocktail combined with other ingredients.

Cutting the fruit in half lengthwise and scooping out the meat with a spoon is all required to make it. Unfortunately, dragon fruit can be pretty costly, depending on the type you choose and where it was cultivated.

Does Trader Joe’s Sell Dragon Fruit?

Since it is grown throughout the Americas (including the United States), dragon fruit can be purchased from various retailers.

  • You can purchase various dragon fruit products, like these delicious and crispy red dragon fruit chips, at Trader Joe’s.
  • Whole Foods Market carries a wide selection of dragon fruit, including fresh, frozen, and dried alternatives. You can also find dragon fruit in the shape of smoothies.
  • It’s possible that you could obtain fresh dragon fruit at your neighborhood farmer’s market; however, availability may vary. Also, dragon fruit might be easier to come near where it is being cultivated.
  • From what we can tell, dragon fruit can be purchased at Walmart. In addition, drink mixes and freeze-dried powdered versions are also on the market.
  • The grocery store Kroger is yet another option for locating dragon fruit. According to their website, you may buy dragon fruit in complete form, smoothies, and pre-cut pieces.
  • Dragon fruit is just one of Publix’s unusual and exotic fruit options. It could also come in a few various flavors.

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