Affordable and Tasty Bahamas and Vodka Cocktails

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When you’re thinking of cheap drinks to while away the time and relax from a hard day at work, nothing compares to affordable cocktails that explode with good flavor. Let’s take a look at some Bahamian drinks, flavored vodka drinks, and some more inexpensive spirits served in many bars.

Bahamas Drinks

The Bahamas (or more formally, the Commonwealth of the Bahamas) is a group of islands in the West Indies. Tourists frequent it because of its beautiful beaches and relaxed atmosphere. The cruise port of Nassau is legendary, and the Grand Bahama offers luxuriant beaches and many aquatic activities for tourists who want to maximize their stay.

The Bahamas nightlife has inspired (directly or indirectly) many Bahamian drinks or cocktails.

The Bahama Mama is the most conspicuous of these cocktails. It is made of 151-proof rum, dark rum, light rum, coffee liqueur, lemon juice, fresh pineapple juice, and topped with either a citrus or orange slice or a wedge of freshly sliced pineapple. They also often add a Maraschino cherry as a topping.

The Bahama Mama is a refreshing drink that is tropical to the core and a nice cooling cocktail at any time. This drink is shaken and then poured over a glass with crushed ice. In some instances, you can tell the bartender to add additional fruits as garnishing.

The Sky Juice is also a refreshing tropical cocktail but a lot stronger than the Bahama Mama. This Sky Juice is made of gin, white sugar, grated nutmeg, ground cinnamon, evaporated milk, and coconut. Sky Juice is relatively sweet compared to other cocktails in this category, but it is an essential recipe for gin.

The taste will depend on who is preparing it, but it is usually poured into a coconut. The juice of the coconut can also be used as a part of the cocktail. After completing the cocktail, all of the shaker contents are poured back into the coconut (with its top lopped off). A small quantity of ice finally completes the cocktail. The cocktail can also be prepared in volume before consumption and simply refrigerated to maintain its taste.

The Mojito is popular worldwide, and some people don’t know that it was originally inspired by the Bahamas nightlife. Mojitos are sweet, refreshing, and balanced, and are loved by many kinds of drinkers. It just tastes much more refreshing if you are lounging on a beach in the Bahamas. Make sure you grab a mojito (or two or three) when you come to visit.

This cocktail is made of regular rum, club soda, fresh mint leaves, simple syrup, and a slice of fresh lime as garnishing. The finished cocktail is a clear beverage with a nice cooling effect on the body because of the quantity of fresh mint leaves added to it.

If you’re wondering what club soda is, it’s soda without any color or flavorings. It is water made with potassium bicarbonate or any other ingredient that induces that carbonation of the water. It doesn’t have any minerals either, so it’s not mineral water. Interestingly enough, the process of making what would later be called club soda was first described by 1772 in a chemistry pamphlet written by the chemistry luminary Joseph Priestly.  

Mix Drinks with Vodka

Flavored vodka cocktails have always been the rage, and they will never go out of fashion in the mixology scene. Classic vodka recipes are flavorful and are appropriate for huddles and get-togethers with friends.

The Bloody Mary is a crowd favorite, and everybody has probably tried it. We love the whole idea of Bloody Mary because it can be combined with many different ingredients. There are regional differences globally, but all of the resulting cocktails are still called the Bloody Mary. The main ingredients of Bloody Mary are tomato juice, vodka, and some spices.

There are many kinds of interpretations for this recipe, so we’ve seen a lot of wild interpretations out there, including one where the Bloody Mary was topped with a small cheeseburger! Of course, the more classic approach would be a fresh stalk of celery, or you can use a pickle, too. Fresh tomato sauce complements many food items, so it’s no surprise that a lot of awesome recipes pop out from the woodwork.

The French Martini stands out as a sophisticated drink that is very forward in its flavor and spirit. Bartenders and mixologists use the original Martini for this recipe. They combine the Martini with some fresh pineapple juice before blending in the crème de cassis. Crushed ice cools down the cocktail before being strained into your glass. Crème de cassis or crème liqueur is manufactured from black currants and presents a fruity and almost creamy overtone to cocktails.

The apple cranberry Moscow Mule is a variation of the classic Moscow Mule that is inspired by fall produce seasonality. The classic ginger beer is mixed with some classic vodka and a commercial cranberry-apple mixture before the bartender squeezes in some fresh lime juice. For best results, the apple cranberry Moscow Mule must be served in an iconic copper mug to maintain its coolness. Fresh cranberries can then be used to top and garnish this creation. This drink is always extra-festive and fresh in the mouth.

The Black Russian looks at every part of a Russian spy novel. It is simple, distinct and elegant, and perfect for any drinker. Made with Kahlúa and some vodka with a 1:2 ratio for the dry edition of this drink, the Black Russian can be modified to adjust its relative sweetness to suit the drinker’s preferences. Kahlúa is a brand of coffee liqueur that originates from Mexico. It has 20% alcohol volume and is made of Arabic coffee beans.

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