Cake Vs. Pie: What are the Differences That You Have to Know?

by iupilon

The Cake Vs. Pie Debate

What’s the difference between pie vs. cake? A pie is a baked dish while a cake is not a dish but a dessert that also happens to be baked. Cakes have some of the pies and bread properties but is not a proper type of bread and stands on its own as a dessert. The same goes for pies: there is a bread component to pies, but they aren’t ‘just’ bread but complete dishes.

Other essential differences include:

  • Pies are identifiable by their pastry dough casings. There will always be a filling. Fillings vary from one pie recipe to the next.
  • A pie is best known for its crust. Filled pies are lined first before the fillings are added. Top-crust pies will have a pastry dough covering. Two-crust pies, on the other hand, are completely enclosed. There are also different types of pies based on size. There are tiny pies that you can enclose easily with your hand. There are massive pies fit for three or more people.
  • Cakes are desserts, and they are modifications of conventional bread recipes. The addition of baking powder to the recipe helps create the division between cakes and conventional bread pieces. The pairings are almost the same – sweet fruit preserves, cream, and other dairy products are used extensively for making great cakes. Another thing that makes cakes different from pies is how elaborate they can be.
  • Cakes are considered celebratory food while pies aren’t. Pies are eaten every day, regardless of the occasion. It’s rare for people to eat cake because they want to because they hold cultural significance as celebratory meal items.

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