How to Eat Fennel: What Is the Taste Like? The Best Dishes That Match Fennel

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The fennel is related to the carrot, but it is not incused primarily for its roots, unlike the carrot. The fennel’s long stalks have a special orientation that allows them to weave together, forming a juicy and flavorful bulb. Yes, the fennel is underrated, unlike kale, which always gets plenty of attention.

The fennel leaves are similar to the dill, too, and it can be eaten raw if you want. Raw fennel is fresh, crisp, and flavorful, with a texture that is perfect for salads. It will also caramelize properly when sautéed, making it an adequate ingredient for stir-fry dishes.

How to Eat Fennel?

How do you eat fennel? Fennel can be prepared and cooked in so many ways. Many people use their mandolin to shave off thin pieces of raw fennel. The fennel’s core is usually tough and not that good for eating, so feel free to toss this part. Fennels can be added to more complex salads, and it will contribute a ton of flavor to the mixture.

What Does Fennel Taste Like?

The taste of fennel is often compared to anise. However, the flavor is only mild, and this doesn’t mean that you can use fennel as an anise substitute. The intensity of the fennel’s flavor is mostly mild, and some even say that it is a most delicate food.

Best Dishes That Match Fennel

Plenty of dishes match fennel. When you apply heat to the fennel, its natural sweetness comes out. You can grill or sauté it with other vegetables. Fennel is big with salads and other vegetable preparations.  The seeds are added to homemade sausages, and the pollen is for fine dining preparations. The muskiness of the fennel makes it a favorite in fine dining.

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