4 The Healthiest and Tastiest Canned Coconut Milks This Season

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Coconut milk has enjoyed a revival in recent years as a health drink, not just as a healthy ingredient in cooking. We love this big change in natural health because things are becoming more holistic, and people now understand that there are healthier, plant-based alternatives that they can rely on.

What is coconut milk, exactly? Coconut milk is derived from the thick flesh of mature coconuts. Unlike coconut water, coconut milk is thicker, denser, and creamier. This plant-based milk has been in use in regional Asian cuisines for decades.

Coconut milk is also frequently used in beverages and recipes across the Caribbean and South American territories. Coconut milk doesn’t occur naturally like coconut water. Shredded mature coconut milk is combined with water and is then squeezed.

The product of repeated squeezing or mechanical compression produces coconut milk. To compare, fresh coconut water is almost 95% water. Coconut milk naturally contains more trace nutrients and macronutrients.

In short, you are getting more nutrition when you consume coconut milk regularly. Coconut milk contains selenium, manganese, copper, potassium, magnesium, iron, folate, vitamin C, dietary fiber, carbohydrates, proteins, and natural fats.

Below are some top coconut milk brands that we think you should try to get into the healthy habit of consuming more coconut milk.

Thai Kitchen Organic Unsweetened Canned Coconut Milk

Thai Kitchen’s Organic Unsweetened Coconut Milk is USDA-certified coconut milk that is fully organic. This brand makes use of freshly pressed coconut milk, and they put all that goodness into a can for you and your family to enjoy. This brand offers 60% fewer calories than farm-prepared coconut milk, so if you are worried about your waistline, you can go ahead and use a full can of Thai Kitchen coconut milk and still get good results with 60% less fat.

For those of you who don’t know, one of the criticisms against coconut milk is it contains a lot of fat (from coconut oil). While there are contending views about this, one thing is clear: coconut milk is a far healthier choice as a thickening agent and a creaming agent for different recipes. There is also plenty of evidence that coconut food and beverages are healthier than their commercial counterparts. In general, anything that has been derived from plants is healthier, so if this is your first-time journey with plant-based alternatives, you are truly are in good hands with coconut milk.

Customer reviews indicate that intermediate and expert home cooks are highly satisfied with the product, as they know how to combine coconut milk with emulsifiers and other ingredients while cooking. Beginners may want to skip this brand, especially if you look for super frothy coconut milk that doesn’t separate easily. Take note that coconut milk will eventually separate no matter what, so if you are cooking with it, be sure that you know when to add it to the stew.

Native Forest Organic Classic Pure Coconut Milk

Among the many coconut milk brands in the market, Native Forest’s Organic Classic Coconut Milk stands out because it was manufactured in Thailand, specializing in different kinds of cuisines that require coconut milk. The coconuts used in this canned coconut milk also come from Thailand, so if you are mindful of ethical consumption, you’re in for a treat because this product did not require thousands of miles of transportation during the manufacturing and packaging process.

The manufacturer describes the Native Forest Organic Class as naturally creamy and tasty. Use this coconut milk for various regional dishes and recipes, from beverages, desserts, savory and creamy sauces, soups, etc. If you have never tried a cold beverage that uses coconut milk as the main ingredient, you are again in for a treat because Native Forest Organic Classic was just made for these beverages.

Thai Kitchen Gluten Free Lite Coconut Milk

Thai Kitchen Gluten Free Lite Coconut Milk is truly vegetarian, and if you have been struggling to find a natural source of plant-based fats and proteins in moderation, this brand is a prime choice.

We love the fact that you can easily integrate coconut milk into your diet regardless of your special needs. For example, if you have been advised to stick to a gluten-free diet, coconut milk perfectly fits the bill. Coconut milk is also naturally low in sodium and is kosher. Is it safe for the keto diet? It certainly is!

User reviews indicate that this coconut milk is free of guar gum, a preference for some consumers who are very particular with what they bring to the dinner table. Use this coconut milk for recipes like chia pudding and combine with other awesome, organic ingredients like honey or if you can’t take added sugar, use stevia.

Nature’s Greatest Foods Coconut Milk Without Guar Gum

If you have been searching for the best-canned coconut milk without guar gum, you’ve hit the jackpot twice today. Nature’s Greatest Foods also features a guar gum-free alternative for people who don’t want additional binding agents in their coconut milk. This canned coconut milk is certified organic by the USDA and is perfect for beverages and various recipes from different countries. Cook with confidence and recreate your favorite Thai and Caribbean recipes from scratch at home. We recommend using coconut milk as an alternative to the whole cream in both meat and vegetable recipes. The flavor is going to change, but coconut milk makes everything robust and flavorful

 in a good way.

You can also add those necessary, nourishing nutrients to your important smoothies for the day, and you are going to get a powerful kick of energy from an all-natural source – coconut milk. You will have coconut milk to thank for that. Customer reviews indicate that this coconut milk brand has one of the cleanest tastes around, which means you will have a fine time experimenting with it in different recipes.

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