Is Sabra Hummus Healthy: Good for Weight Loss?

by iupilon

Is Sabra Hummus Healthy?

Sabra is a brand of hummus that has become highly recommended by dietitians over the years. This hummus brand is considered authentic, and it’s the closest you can get to hummus created by native consumers of this dip. Sabra Classic Hummus is praised by those who have been eating hummus made in the Middle East, so that’s another advantage. It’s not only good for you, but it’s also pretty authentic in terms of texture and flavors.

Detestations recommend using hummus as an alternative for fattier dips and salad dressings.  The portioning of Sabra is also key to its success. There are smaller, two-ounce packages that you can bring with you wherever you go.

Sabra Hummus Nutrition

This is an ideal example of organic food with lower sodium content than its competitors. Sabra Classic Hummus contains only 130 milligrams of sodium for every two tablespoons. Sodium is a natural food preservative and seasoning, and traditionally, manufacturers struggle with reducing sodium in food products because it makes food taste good easily. If you are a salt-sensitive individual, you must pick foods and beverages with reduced-sodium to have any issues with your diet.  

Hummus and Weight Loss

The nutrition and versatility of hummus make it an ideal food item for weight loss. Hummus is essentially a blank canvas, so you can also combine it with additional flavor sources like lime and garlic. All you need is a personal blender or food processor, and you can go miles in any direction with Sabra Classic Hummus or any other organic hummus of your choice. Hummus is essentially just ground-up chickpeas with special seasonings, so it’s a very simple food with many health benefits.

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