Upholstery Care: Preparing Your Home for Every Season

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The changing seasons are your upholstery’s number one enemy. Whether it’s a sofa, chair, or even curtain, the blazing sun or the harsh winter cold can damage your beloved fabrics real bad. Is it something that you should be worried about? Surely. However, with the right knowledge coupled with proper care, your upholstery can thrive year-round.

Let’s explore seasonal upholstery care’s best practices in the following sections. Read on to learn more!

How To Care For Your Upholstery During The Spring?

Check your upholstery upon the entry of the spring season, and you’ll likely find dust and debris, especially in the crevices and seams. How do you remove them? Your old vacuum friend can help. Use the appropriate attachments to get rid of the traces of the winter days in the form of loose dirt and dust. If there’s any remaining dirt, call a soft brush’s or microfiber cloth’s help.

Tips For Removing Dirt On Your Upholstery

If there’s one season that’s a prime time for allergies, it’s spring. Common spring allergies include allergic rhinitis.

So, minimizing allergens when cleaning your upholstery should be your priority. That poses a question as to what type of vacuum cleaner one should use for such a purpose. The answer? A HEPA or high-efficiency particulate air vacuum cleaner. Combine it with regular washing and dusting of removable cushion covers and curtains, and you can be confident that allergens won’t be much of a headache.

Here’s another important tip: opt for mild cleaning solutions. Why? Because the last thing you want is to do more harm than good when removing dirt and stains on your upholstery. So, what should you use? A mixture of warm water and mild dish soap usually will do. But don’t forget to do a patch test first. If unsure what to do, don’t hesitate to call professional upholstery cleaning in Brooklyn or wherever you’re located for expert advice.

Most furniture pieces also have a recommended cleaning procedure. So, follow the recommendation if there’s any.

Let’s move on to upholstery care during the summer months.

Summer Upholstery Care

With the summer season comes great heat. The problem is that the sun’s a sneaky culprit when it comes to upholstery! How do you outsmart it? Rearranging furniture to face away from windows is a simple first step. How about during peak sun hours? Well, closing curtains or blinds can offer crucial shade. Don’t think furniture rearrangement is possible? Consider UV-filtering window films instead – products that block at least 80% of UV radiation.

Tips To Keep Upholstery Cool

During the summer months, when the sun is wilder than normal, ensuring your upholstery’s comfort and longevity means keeping the fabric as cool as possible. How do you prevent overheating? The go-to solutions are indoor fans and air conditioning, of course. But even as simple as using fabrics that absorb less heat can go a long way. What type of fabric to go for? Pick the lighter-colored ones.

Apart from keeping the upholstery cool, keeping your furniture clean through regular vacuuming and washing is also crucial. The summer days bring sweaty bodies, remember?

When spring and summer have passed, and fall has arrived, what do you do?

Fall Upholstery Care

Fall’s entry into the scene marks the start of the colder days. That said, adding blankets to your furniture would be a good idea. Doing so adds extra warmth and comfort. More importantly, though, blankets or throws protect your upholstery from potential stains due to coffee or tea spills – winter’s comfort and warmth drinks!

Tips For Adding Extra Cushioning And Comfort To Your Furniture

When adding pillows or throws to your furniture, remember that the goal is a more inviting and cozy space. Unsure how to achieve that? Wool, plush fabrics, and other warm materials are your friends. And since fall brings allergens, too, much like spring, your friends and family will thank you for using hypoallergenic pillow covers and cushions.

Let’s talk about winter upholstery care next.

How To Care For Your Upholstery During The Winter?

Indoor heating rules during the winter season. Combine it with the winter weather, and you’ll have dry and brittle upholstery. That said, you’d want to maintain a healthy moisture level in the air, around 50%. Consider using a humidifier for that purpose. If you’re using radiators and vents as heat sources, be sure not to place your furniture near them or further dry your upholstery out.

Tips For Preventing Static Buildup And Handling Wet And Mud

Another common issue during the winter is static electricity. You can reduce it with an anti-static spray. Using fabric softener sheets or laundry balls when doing laundry can also help.

If you think solving the static cling problem already makes the winter days easier for you, wait until you see mud in your furniture. How do you outsmart the winter’s wet and muddy conditions? Use protective covers or mats in your home’s high-traffic areas. Don’t hesitate to talk to your guests and family members, too, about the importance of removing their shoes when entering the house.

The super chilly months of winter can be challenging, yes. But fear not! All you need is proper upholstery care, and you can survive the cold with little to no problem.


Each season presents unique challenges to your furniture’s upholstery. It doesn’t matter if it’s spring, summer, fall, or winter; your sofa and chair need TLC. Each season requires specific strategies, too. Whether you’re vacuuming or using protective covers, proper care and maintenance is crucial if you want to preserve your upholstery’s beauty and functionality. As long as you refer to the care labels and don’t go against the manufacturer’s recommendations, your furniture will thank you for what you do.

And oh, don’t forget that a little professional help won’t hurt, especially if you’re unsure how to go about caring for and maintaining your furniture’s beauty.

Let your upholstery thrive, no matter the season, so you and your friends and family can enjoy your sofa, couch, or chair year-round!

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