2 Top and Best Kitchen Faucets Without Plastic Parts 2022

by iupilon

Plastic parts are commonly used in plumbing and kitchenware because plastic is lightweight and, to some extent, durable. However, we all know that all plastic parts are eventually worn out by mechanical stress, and the kitchen faucet is likely the most stressed installation at home.

If you want a kitchen faucet that is both modern and durable, you need a kitchen faucet without plastic parts. You might want to try two interesting models if you want a luxury faucet model in your kitchen this time.

Moen Align High-Arc Stainless Faucet

The Moen stainless steel faucet is a touchless, motion-activated faucet made entirely of spotless stainless steel. “Spotless” is a key indicator here because faucets tend to look old and outdated after a few months.

The minerals in hard water are also hard on the surface of plastics and alloys, so if your thing is a kitchen that always looks brand new and spotless, your sink area has to be spotless, too. This can be utterly challenging because all of the hard, dirty work is done in the sink. You’re going to handle the faucet whether your hands are clean or not.

This faucet will resist fingerprints and most oils, hence the name – “spotless motion-sense faucet.”

This faucet features the patented MotionSense Wave feature that turns the water off and on with a simple wave. This is the height of convenience and luxury in kitchen plumbing. The pull-down nozzle is also a boon when pre-washing anything in the sink, and the magnetic attachment snaps back perfectly to its place after use.

What’s more is you will get 50% more spraying power with each use, as the nozzle was specially designed to increase the water’s jet pressure. This means less work for you and more time cooking and getting things done in the kitchen.

Moen Arbor Stainless Steel Faucet

The Moen Arbor faucet is a single-handle model coupled with the proprietary MotionSense Wave feature present in the previous model above. With almost a perfect, five-star rating on Amazon, the Arbor is a definite crowd pleaser and has all the makings of an awesome modern faucet.

Like other faucets in the Moen brand’s higher-end line, the Arbor features protection from fingerprint stains, so you can work as you please in the kitchen without worrying that you are aging your faucet too much. Whether it’s cold water or hot water, the Moen Arbor’s stain-proof surface can take it.

Add to this is the Power Clean technology that comes with every Moen faucet that radically enhances the faucet’s efficiency, making cleaning and rinsing of produce easier.

The Reflex nozzle system guides the nozzle back to its place, ensuring that you don’t have a floppy hose in your sink while working. This awesome faucet is remarkable for offering so much despite the small stature. Truly a good choice for anyone who wants to upgrade their kitchenware.

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