The 3 Best Grill Brushes for Expanded Metal

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Expanded metal is a type of stainless-steel mesh fabricated from sheet metal. A regular pattern is cut on the sheet metal, and this type of metal sheet has versatile applications. For example, it is safe to grill on expanded metal, and it offers the most space for grilling more significant quantities of meat.

If you want to grill more barbecues for a large family quickly, or if you love having friends over and a regular grill saps your time and energy, it’s time to get an expanded metal grill. Expanded metal does not deform with heat, and it provides consistent exposure to heat, too.

However, like any other grill, expanded metal grills need to be cleaned thoroughly before and after use. Carbonization can cause unevenness in the distribution of heat and can affect the performance of your grill. Fortunately, many expanded metal-safe grilling brushes are versatile because they can be used for conventional rod-type grills and expanded metal sheet-type grills.

One common problem with ordinary grill brushes is that the expanded metal pattern tends to cut off or wear down the bristles quickly. The standard practice is diamond-like, with many sharp angles that can easily catch strands. In addition, you will need a durable grill brush with a stable base so the bristles are not taken apart during the cleaning process.

KONA Safe Bristle-Free Barbecue Cleaner


KONA is consistent with offering stainless steel and rust-proof grill brushes to barbecue fanatics everywhere. Their bristle-free brush looks like a dream and can easily stand in for any cheaper brush you have at home. KONA is competitive, so they always offer three times muscle power with their brushes. If you have a week or wonky wrist, getting an enhanced grill brush might save your wrist or forearm from further pain.

Value for Money:

This model was manufactured as an alternative to the KONA 360 model, which is a bristled model. If you don’t like bristles but still want that heavy cleaning power, grab this model instead. We understand why many people don’t like bristles – they can get easily trapped in the angles of the metal, and with expanded metal, there’s a sharp angle in every square inch of the surface that needs some heavy cleaning. Luckily you have an option, and it’s an excellent option, too.

Customer Verdict:

Some customers complain that this bristle-free brush doesn’t get anything done. However, many of them forgot that there is an extra step with cleaning with a bristle-free brush. You have to heat the grill and have a pot of water nearby. As you clean, dunk the brush in the water to steam-clean the metal. With the additional power of steam, you will be able to remove the most resilient of carbonizations with minimal effort.

Grab the KONA Safe grill brush if you are done with using conventional bristled brushes. Also, you need to use water to steam-clean your grill. So try it before you knock it, okay?

GRILLART 18” Extra Strong Brush & Scraper


GRILLART has mastered the art of creating durable grill brushes, and their primary innovation for this model is the heavy-duty scraper that helps cut down the grease and hard carbonization more easily.

Value for Money:

GRILLART has always provided practical value for money, and it’s one of the top brands in the world of grilling accessories. You will rarely go wrong with buying GRILLART accessories and tools unless you don’t know how to use the device in the first place. According to GRILLART, this model provides up to five times more cleaning power, so you won’t have to spend as much time cleaning. Grill more frequently throughout the week because you no longer have to worry about a stinky and gunky grill. This is a bristled brush, but you won’t have to worry about the bristles coming off because they’re extra durable anyway.

Customer Verdict:

Customers report that the bristles are mostly resistant, while a small percentage complain of some flattening out. Since grill brushes are most vulnerable to lateral forces, perhaps it would be a good idea to hold the grill brush properly while cleaning to help conserve the bristles.

Invest in a GRILLART brush if you haven’t already – they’re market-tested and satisfaction-tested, too!

Weber 12” Grill Brush & Scraper


From the same brand that produces the iconic grills comes this simple yet thoughtfully designed grill brush. If you own a Weber grill, it would be best to match this brush with the model number. However, if you use your own expanded metal grill that is more of DIY construction, then it’s okay – use any expanded metal-safe grill brush to clean your grill.

Value for Money:

Here’s what we can say immediately about the Weber brush – it has a broader head compared to cheaper brushes. This being said, you will be able to clean more space with one go, and all the time savings are going to add up, especially if you have a grill running on hot.

There’s also nothing wrong with having some water nearby, as steam cleaning metal truly works wonders no matter how challenging or sticky the stains on the metal are. You will also notice that this grill brush has shorter sides that have bristles too.

These are constructed to ensure that the space underneath the individual raised areas are cleaned, too. What’s important here is that the brush is made durably by Weber, and the risk of leaving the metal bristles on the grill is minimal.

Customer Verdict:

The majority of happy and satisfied buyers of this grill brush own Weber grills, and many of them mention the type of grill they purchased. Overall, any grill brush can be used on expanded metal grills, but not all work at 100% because of design constraints.

The Weber 12” grill brush and scraper is a good choice for people who have Weber grills at home, but it’s also a better choice for cleaning your grill than cheap ones that aren’t designed to withstand heavy use at all.

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