The 3 Best Grill Brushes for Traeger

by iupilon

Traeger is the foremost name in wood pellet grills, having first patented their design for a fully functional wood pellet grill thirty years ago. Today, the brand remains synonymous with this exciting method of grilling, which is more efficient than the gas oven and the pure wood grill.

If you have a wood pellet grill at home, you are probably wondering how these grills can be cleaned efficiently since you have more than one layer to clean.

If you are interested in deep-cleaning your grill because you have been grilling too many times this week, you need to invest in a heavy-duty grill brush that can handle all those layers of gunk.

Clean the lid first because a large volume of residue from all your cooking would have already deposited far, char, and carbon on the underside of the hood. Use a putty knife to remove any deposits and remove the larger pieces before giving it a good scrub. Also, check the lid for any signs of wear or even tiny holes that need to be fixed.

Step number two is scraping the inside of the giant barrel. Again, all you need is a putty knife because it’s gentler on the metal and the fine edge of the putty knife is all you need to remove the charred remains of your previous broils and bakes. Next, check the grease chute and thermometer and clean them out. The last part of the process is cleaning the grills. In this phase, the following grill brushes will be most beneficial.  

GRILLART 18″ Best Barbecue Brush & Scraper


GRILLART has set itself apart all these years by providing the highest quality grill brushes and grilling accessories in the land. The brand is synonymous with quality. The manufacturer has come up with great grill brushes that are primarily compatible with the leading brands of grills in the market, including Weber and Traeger.

Now, we all know that these grill brushes are not created equal, and if you want something that can absorb plenty of use, you need something like GRILLART at your side.

Value for Money:

This larger grill brush provides seven times more cleaning power than usual, which is a boon to older grillers and those who have issues with their wrists and hands. In addition, it does most of the work for you, and you only have to move it back and forth, so it knows where to remove the carbonization.

On top of that heavy muscle that this brush brings, we also love that they have made the bristles more durable, so whether you are cleaning a Traeger wood pellet grill or a conventional expanded metal grill, you will still get the same great results.

Customer Verdict:

Many buyers loved the performance of this model, though a few of them said that the handle snapped when in use. This can easily be avoided by holding the brush properly during cleaning and by reducing the pressure. Let the metal do the cleaning; the added stress is unnecessary.

Get a GRILLART brush if you want an instant classic that is always on the ready—a good choice for wood pellet grills that experience heavy use.

Grill Spark 18” Safe Stainless-Steel Brush & Scraper


Coming up second in the race for the best grill brush for wood pellet grills is Grill Spark, with its triple-head grill brush and reinforced design. The point where the meetings are supported and protected from unnecessary bending is also the point where they added the stainless-steel scraper, which is helpful when removing stubborn grime that has been overheated and burned onto the metal grills. No need to risk your hand with a knife when removing these accumulations – use the scraper and let your grill brush take all the punishment for you.

Value for Money:

According to the manufacturer, this brush is most useful for 360-degree cleaning. They mean you can use the brush to clean the spaces between the metal rods, the top of the rods, and what’s underneath. But, of course, we all know what a grimy grill looks like, so we need all the help we can get when cleaning. Luckily this grill brush has plenty of bristles to help you along, and it is designed for heavy use.

Customer Verdict:

This brush had received stellar reviews, except for one that stated that it burst into flames when it was too near the fire. Cleaning a grill is better when the grill is hot, so we recommend placing this brush on a separate table, so it doesn’t catch fire.

Grill Spark‘s brush and the scraper is a very well-rounded cleaning tool for people who want an easier time with cleaning the entire grill in one go.

GRILLART Alpha Grillers Grill Brush


Just when we thought that GRILLART couldn’t get any more badass, they come up with the Alpha Grillers grill brush. It is a brute – a giant by any measure.

It has more bristles than anything we have seen before, and, amazingly, they could fit this design on a single stable head for cleaning grills. So whether you are a fan of GRILLART or not, this grill brush deserves a space in every pit master’s collection of tools.

Value for Money:

This grill brush has a total of six support rods for all the bristle heads it has. This number of rods should give you a clue as to how durable it is. In addition, it will withstand additional pressure from cleaning a truly grimy grill.

The manufacturer promises pitmasters that they can clean their grills in mere seconds. However, do remember that steam cleaning is still the best method of cleaning very grimy grills, so be sure to have some water nearby so you can dib your brush while cleaning. The steam is going to do wonders for the stuck and hard grime.

Customer Verdict:

Buyers are pleased with the results, and many of them are regular pitmasters who grill several times per week. GRILLART guarantees their products, so if you ordered one and are not satisfied with some defect, you can always request a new one.

The Alpha Grillers brush and the scraper is the pack’s alpha – it’s crazy extensive and very effective. Get one just because!

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