Where To Put Toaster Oven in Small Kitchen

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Creativity is essential when creating and designing a small kitchen. A small kitchen can be as beautiful. You don’t want a cramped, messy kitchen to demotivate your cooking efforts. A tiny kitchen that has dedicated spaces for different equipment to facilitate ease and safety of movement is excellent, indeed.

Where Should Toaster Oven Be Placed in Kitchen?

If you have a tiny kitchen and want to have quick access to a toaster oven that you use frequently, you’re probably thinking of the ideal spot to put it. Below are some handy locations for safely storing and using your toaster oven. Always remember that the storage needs of toaster ovens are different from their usage needs. You can keep your toaster oven virtually anywhere when it’s not in use, but once you switch it on, that’s a different scenario already.


The countertop is an excellent position for a toaster oven, mainly if it will be used frequently. To prevent water damage and potential shock, keep the toaster oven away from the faucet.

Freestanding or stand-alone shelves

Adding freestanding shelves to a small kitchen not only looks good, but it also frees up counter space and adds a hefty amount of storage for so many items.

These shelves can be permanently installed in your compact kitchen. Unlike chairs and tables, they hug the wall and barely take up space while increasing your vertical storage. In addition, the mobile ones can serve as a functional kitchen island while hiding your toaster oven.

Hanging cabinetry

Wall-mounted vertical storage has always been excellent for appliances like toaster ovens.

Hanging shelves can easily access counter spaces while keeping appliances like the toaster oven well-ventilated and within convenient reach. But, Of course, it’s up to you whether you want to include one or several shelving units in your compact kitchen.

Like freestanding shelves, wall-mounted storage barely takes up space and can significantly improve the free walking area of your kitchen, too. These new shelves also provide extra storage space for other essential items, like dishcloths and condiments.

Cabinets beneath the counter

Install your toaster oven behind your cabinets for quick access and more counter space. Some toaster ovens even come prepacked with mounting hoods that have already been optimized for under-cabinet installation. The clean and extraordinary appearance of under-cabinet installations results in a functioning, simplified kitchen.

Can You Put a Toaster Oven in A Cupboard?

A cupboard is not the right place to position your toaster oven. Most miniature toaster ovens might be safe to position in enclosed spaces, but for the rest of them that pack a lot of power every time you turn them on, that’s inviting problems. In addition, the heat from toaster ovens emanates from the appliance. If you have adjacent flammable or combustible materials nearby, those items may also be at risk of catching fire. In short, it simply is not safe to place a toaster oven in a cupboard or any space that resembles a cupboard. If the ventilation is non-existent, consider the area a wrong choice for your appliance.

Can A Toaster Oven Be Placed in A Cabinet?

Speaking, no. Placing a toaster oven inside a cabinet is a terrible idea because it generates too much heat, and wooden cabinetry invites a fire in your kitchen. Since kitchen fires are common, you can end up with a charred house if you are not careful. Any other spot in your kitchen is better than placing a toaster oven in a cabinet.

Let’s make sense when considering the potential storage spaces of appliances that generate a lot of heat when in use.

For example, a toaster oven can safely be stored in a cabinet, mainly if it is rarely used. However, it will be a bad idea if you plan to use the toaster oven in the cabinet. It’s best to bring it out before plugging it in. While it may look cute to have those burning embers in your cabinet, there’s too much risk involved.

You can easily take a toaster oven to the counter when you need to make some sandwiches. However, if you wish to put a toaster oven in a cabinet permanently, you’ll need to think about how important things like heat protection and ventilation will work in that cramped space. It can be done with a bit of kitchen engineering, but the design has to be sufficient to counteract the intense heat produced by these appliances.

How Can I Hide My Toaster Oven in My Kitchen?

The simplest way to hide a toaster oven in your kitchen is by putting it in a cabinet. If you barely use this appliance and you feel that it’s taking up too much counter space on most days, a cabinet would be your best recourse. Other ideas include:

Custom cabinetry

A three-level cabinet includes slots for a mixer, microwave oven, and other small appliances at the perfect height. When appliances are in use, retractable doors clear the countertop.

Cabinetry with a straightforward and clean design gives people the impression that the kitchen is hyper-clean and organized. The hinged doors add to that rustic charm, too.


A customized steel carousel is equipped with just the right number of hinges, sliders, and knobs that can significantly help you store numerous appliances in a cramped space while still affording your hands easy access.

Under-counter installations

You can install a pull-out storage surface for your toaster oven on your kitchen island. The drop-down toaster compartment is hidden but convenient, making it easier for youngsters or anyone in a wheelchair to use.

Slide-out marvels

Slide-out cabinets provide much-needed storage space while positioning essential appliances within reach.

We hope this tutorial cleared up any confusion on where to put a toaster oven in a tiny kitchen.

Fortunately, because a typical toaster oven is small, it should be simple to find space for it.

If all else fails, think about putting it in your living room, or even the dining room, if there are more spaces in these areas of the house. Just remember to keep it out of reach of children and ensure that there is proper ventilation, always.

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