The 3 Best Baking/Parchment Papers for Air Fryer 2022

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Perforated parchment papers are pre-cut according to a size of a steamer or an air fryer. Aside from that, it is punched with several holes to allow air circulation while keeping the food crispy or moist. These perforated parchment papers help prevent the food from sticking while reducing the deep-seated dirt on your cookware.

In the case of air fryers, lining the pot with parchment paper allows the food to cook evenly throughout the equipment’s cavity. Good thing, there are parchment papers available in the market—in all shapes and sizes—that may be the compatible material for your air fryer, too.

Air Fryer Parchment Paper

Make your air frying moment a lot special by lining your pan with parchment paper sheets. Prevent oil, grease, and food residue from sticking to your cooking basket or rack. It comes with 100 pieces of unbleached perforated parchment papers. These liners are compatible with square-shaped fryers from NuWave Brio, Philips Viva Collection, Comfee, Secura XL, and other brands.

Avoid longer cleaning since the parchment paper also collects excess oils that may penetrate the pan if left unattended. Excess oils and grease will form a heavy build-up on your air fryer, which can be stubborn to clean. Lining a parchment paper to your air fryer will prevent hard-to-scrub grease from accruing. It will prevent excessively scrubbing the pan that may deteriorate the quality of your air fryer.

Besides air fryers, this parchment paper can line other bakeware like cookie sheets, pizza pan, and small baking pan. Increase your cooking options by using this liner for cooking, steaming, and baking for almost any type of food. Handle your food without sticking on your frying basket by placing this air fryer sheet before cooking.

To use, place your food on top of the parchment paper before turning on your air fryer. Once placed, follow the cooking guidelines suggested on the air fryer. Do not turn on the air fryer with just the parchment paper inside. Leaving parchment paper inside an air fryer may cause the paper to caught inside the fryer’s vent—which may cause burning and even internal damage to the appliance.

This package comes with 100 pieces of unbleached, perforated parchment papers. It also comes with a special gift—a free grilling mat! This reusable grill mat can be placed inside a dishwasher—making it easier to clean-up.

GoWISE USA GWA0011 Perforated Parchment Non-Stick Liners

GoWISE USA provides the best-perforated parchment paper in the market. Made with bleached parchment paper, the liners are designed to be greaseproof, nonstick, and non-absorbent. Prevent your food from collecting too much oil and grease inside the air fryer with this material lined on the plate.

This parchment paper can fit several appliances like fryer ovens, toaster ovens, and dehydrators. Parchment paper with holes is used to allow airflow while keeping the excess fat from sticking to the pot. GoWISE USA’s liner has a dimension of 11 inches by 10 inches and can be cut into required sizes to fit on smaller-sized ovens. Use your scissors to cut the paper to its desired size before placing it inside the pot.

The pack includes 100 pieces of perforated parchment liners, which is good for the one-month worth of cooking inside an air fryer. Aside from this, it can be used on steamers, dehydrators, and even baking pans. The pack is bleached to give additional coating for the pan. Some misinterpreted “bleached papers” to be not food-safe, which is not the case for this product.

This product can be used for anything that has a solid base. Cake batter, pancake mix, and another liquid-like ingredient must use parchment paper without holes. Using this type of liners on a dry content may cause the food from dripping on the cooking sheet. The same principle follows on air fryers. Perforated parchment paper is specifically beneficial for your steaming, air frying, and dehydrating needs.

100 Pack Air Fryer Liners

Fit your liner up to a ten-inch circular pan that works perfectly on circular air fryers and bamboo steamers. Made with high-quality materials, the liners can withstand temperatures up to 428°F with scorching and burning. Aside from that, this air fryer liner is coated with silicone, a nonstick material.

Silicone is a food-grade material. It can withstand high temperatures without melting. It can also repel liquid and grease from sticking to the pot. This will reduce the excess cleaning, making cooking a better hobby to do. Any silicone-coated material is ensured to provide the best flame-resistant material.

This parchment paper is sized 10″ in diameter and made with bleached paper. It could fit on pizza pans, circular air fryers, and steamers without the need of cutting your parchment paper into sizes. The excess size does not inescapably need trimming since it will have a low probability of grasping inside the air fryer’s vent mechanism.

Make sure to have enough supply for your cooking with this value pack of 100. You do not necessarily need to cut your parchment paper into circles and punch holes through it. This is time-consuming compared to having yourself pre-cut circular perforated parchment papers in your pantry or countertop.

This brand is ensured to provide food-safe bakeware without hesitations. Since this is made with flammable material, necessary precautions must be taken to prevent the material from destroying the cookware. Do not let the air fryer catch near the heat source—for it will surely catch a fire.

Another incident that can cause flame is placing the liner without food at the top. Some preheat their air fryer before using, which can burn the paper when placed alone. If you are preheating your device, place your parchment liners with the food at the top of it. The mechanism of the air fryer may lift the lightweight material quickly—causing unwanted fires.

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