The 3 Best Grill Brushes for Kamado Joe

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Kamado Joe is a successful line of US-made ceramic cookers that aim to solve what traditional grills couldn’t. It has that undeniable American flair, and Kamado Joe ceramic grills are top of the line. Since this line of grills is focused on providing the best possible experience to barbecue lovers everywhere, you have to have the right tools. You need the right set of knives, tongs, heat pads, and most of all – the grill brush.

The grill brush is critical for maintaining any smoker or grill. Regardless of the grill’s material, it would help if you still clean it. Unfortunately, not all grill brushes are created equal. The cheap ones are lighter as they are fabricated from substandard materials that tear away when they’re supposed to be heavy-duty.

Not to worry – we’ve made sure that the ones in today’s review will stand the test of time. So enjoy grilling without worrying about the gunk and carbon that accumulates naturally when you are grilling regularly.

Carbonization can be messy, and once that carbonization accumulates on the grill, you’re going to have a more challenging time removing it. Luckily, these three grill brushes are built for many punishments, so use them to remove that carbonization altogether. The quality of a roast is equal to the condition of the grill. So it’s time to bring your Kamado Joe grill back to its former glory this week!

GRILLART Brush Bristle & Scraper (Non-Wire) Cleaning Brush


This is as a state of the art as it gets. However, unlike other grill brushes, GRILLART has wholly ignored the conventional design of grill brushes and has instead opted for an innovative horizontal design.

The fine stainless-steel mesh runs from end to end like a paint roller, which means you will be attacking the gunk from multiple directions, hitting several grill bars all at once. This is a beautiful development because we tend to clean grills one spacer at a time.

Value for Money:

Let’s talk about the handle that they put on this grill brush because that is often the first thing when you use grill brushes regularly. They used thick metal rods tightly twisted and bonded to each other to provide both strength and springiness to the meeting and scraper.

This is good news for us because you will not be experiencing any bending and other deformations when working with this grill brush. That’s important because carbonization can form thickly on a Kamado Joe, and if you don’t want that gunk sticking to the meat, you have to clean them out thoroughly.

We think this brush is also an excellent tool for light maintenance tasks on any grill. So, if you have several grills at home, you can use this brush for mediating cleaning, so the gunk does not build up.

Customer Verdict:

Not everyone was happy with this brush, particularly the ones who had older carbonization on their grills. This brush works well with fresher stains and build-ups. But as for the older gunk that is hard asphalt, you may need other tools to get them off. If your grill has super old gunk on it, don’t use this. Other than that, it’s OK for all different situations.

Pick this GRILLART brush if you want a medium-duty meeting that you can use immediately after grilling. This brush is best used in conjunction with other cleaning tools.

KONA 360 18″ Grill Brush (3-in-1 Cleaner)


While the KONA 360 grill brush is anything but unique, we appreciate how the manufacturer has improved on an old concept. Sure, it looks like an ordinary brush – but with better features.

It has three times the usual volume of bristles, and three steel rods support the extra cleaning power. So the manufacturer promises to give you the cleaning power of three brushes in one.

Of course, no matter how thick the bristles are, you still need to exert plenty of effort to get the oldest carbonizations out. Preheat and moisten your grill to get those sugars and burnt bones out – you will save so much more time by doing so.

Value for Money:

This grill brush measures a solid eighteen inches, ideal if you want to conserve energy when cleaning a grill. That extra length provides more leverage for quickly cleaning a dirty grill with minimal effort. The thick brushes are also ideal for removing larger burnt pieces from the grill. According to the manufacturer, this grill brush is 60% more rigid than a standard grill brush. That provides more muscle power when you’re cleaning your grill.

Customer Verdict:

Customer verdicts are primarily favorable, with many customers from the US reporting that the brush has shown very little evidence of wear after 1-3 months of use. These are customers who grill one to three times per week. This is good news for people who heavily grill because they can have a dependable grill brush that won’t leave the wire on the grill.

Get the KONA 360 if you are a heavy griller, and you need a dependable, heavy-duty brush for removing stains and carbonization. Frequent grilling will not be a problem and expect good quality for months. The company also offers a five-year warranty, and you can call in for a replacement.

GRILLART Brush and Scraper – Extra Strong Triple Scrubber


Considering the feedback of the first design, we think the old-timers would prefer this one if they want a more conventional method for their grill brush. However, like all GRILLART products, this scraper and brush combo is solidly built, and the more we look at the design, the more we love it, too.

Value for Money:

What genuinely adds to the value for money for this variation of the GRILLART brush is the integrated scraper located at the top of the brush. The stainless-steel scraper truly adds muscle power to the cleaning motion, so you can get success with removing the scabs off of those hard-to-clean spots more quickly. No one likes to clean for a long time, so this is a good option for everyone.

Customer Verdict:

This product has garnered excellent reviews, and as expected, people love how they can remove tougher carbonization with the built-in scraper.

If you want more muscle power with your grill brush, get this model now.

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