The 3 Best Grill Brushes for Weber Q

by iupilon

Weber Q grills are known for being tiny grills with big performance. They’re pretty cute and portable, and if you have ever wanted to grill without the hassle of charcoal, then you need a Weber Q grill in your life.

If you already have one, you would know that these units are practically self-cleaning because the design allows liquids to evaporate quickly.

However, you still have to perform maintenance on your Weber Q grills every few weeks to keep them in pristine condition. No matter what grill you are using, it’s always critical to keep the rods clean.

Read some tips on maintaining and cleaning Weber Q grills:

  1. Pay attention to the grease trays. Remove the grease and clean the trays as often as possible as excess or trapped grease poses a fire hazard, and also, oil is dirty.
  2. The best way to clean the grates is to burn off the residues on high while using a dependable grill brush. Check out our reviews below.
  3. Use Weber Q’s special barbecue cleaner when cleaning the enamel-coated sections of the Weber Q grill.
  4. Cast iron should never be washed with a dishwasher. Only clean anything on your Weber Q grill by hand.
  5. Always wear thick rubber cleaning gloves to protect your hands from the heat while cleaning. Unfortunately, there is no workaround for cleaning the grates on high heat.
  6. Use a durable stainless-steel brush to clean the grates. Low-quality ones will give up quickly, so it’s essential to invest in a better-quality model for more extended performance.
  7. Have a few pieces of microfiber cloth ready to wipe away liquefied stains and grime. Steam-cleaning a Weber Q grill is fine. Dip the brush into the water while scrubbing the grates.

GRILLART Extra Strong Barbecue Cleaner


GRILLART is the undisputed king in grill brushes and grill accessories, and the Extra Strong grill brush is huge among other grill brushes because of the volume of bristles it has on its head. However, GRILLART has never joked around when it says that it provides the cleaning power three times or five times because they never hesitate to add more bristles.

Value for Money:

GRILLART is a dependable brand for bringing plenty of muscle power to the picture, so it’s not surprising that you can reduce the work time five times with this brush.

However, the manufacturer still ensures users that the bristles won’t damage the grates, and they have also designed a handle with a softer feel when you grip it, so you won’t tire quickly when cleaning your gas grill. This grill brush is compatible with gas grills and charcoal grills and is also naturally rust-resistant.

Customer Verdict:

For the first time, people who tried this brush and scraper were amazed at how much punishment it could take without breaking. As we said earlier, when there are more bristles on the grill brush head, that means you have more cleaning power or muscle power.

The Extra Strong Barbecue Cleaner is highly recommended for pitmasters who grill several times a month but forget to clean their grates. Don’t worry – we understand why.

KONA 360 18” Grill Brush


KONA has occupied a lofty place in the market for barbecue tools, and the manufacturer is continually improving its products by adding more layers to their already successful designs. This model provides three solid heads of bristles for three times more cleaning action. If you can only clean your grill with brute force and a lot of muscle, you need something more conventionally designed but will still not scratch your Weber Q grates.

Value for Money:

KONA grill brushes are consistently excellent in terms of value for money. They rarely fail, and they can be used for months under heavy usage conditions with no problems, too. Therefore, we can say that this KONA grill brush will probably perform and an average GRILLART grill brush.

Customer Verdict:

Many year-round pit masters happened to have found this grill brush, and they use it every week. The result (as expected) was the KONA 360 withstood plenty of punishment with relative ease, with no significant issues and signs of wear even after the second month. Truly a solid investment if you want better-barbecuing tools at home.

KONA 360 is a solid pick if you want to clean around the grill easily because it has more bristles, and it can also be maneuvered to clean under the grates.

Grizzly Bristle-Free Grill Brush


Grizzly has always been a worthy contender in the arena of barbecuing tools and accessories, and the current model, which is an equally sizeable grill brush, is an excellent alternative if you want to move away from common US brands.

Please take note that this is a bristle-free alternative, so it won’t pack the same brute force that everyone is familiar with when they use conventional bristles on their grills. However, do not let this fool you. This grill brush is ideal for cleaning with steam because there is more surface area to carry water from the container and onto the grates.

Value for Money:

Just by looking at how well-built this grill brush is, we can honestly say that it is in part with the Extra Strong Barbecue Cleaner construction, which is already a monster in the pit. People buy this type of grill brush because they are tired of removing wire from their meat.

This is a big downside of cheap bristled brushes – the wires will eventually snag, and if the construction and design are poor, you’re going to end up with metal in your mouth. To eliminate this problem, go for bristle-free.

Customer Verdict:

We noticed that customers are thrilled with the sturdy handle of this grill brush, and they say that it’s not typical precisely because it was designed for steam cleaning and not brute force cleaning.

Pick the Grizzly grill brush if you are tired of picking out stray wires from your roasts and barbecues.

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