The Best Wood for Kitchen Table Top: The Inexpensive and Decent Option

by iupilon

Birch is one of the best wood for kitchen tabletops and other furniture. It is the best wood for tabletop projects because it is inexpensive but durable. Beech is classified as a heartwood with straight-grain striations and white sapwood.

This is close-grained wood that is fairly strong and hard, with the bonus of being very easy to bleach, stain, and paint. In the United States and elsewhere, beechwood is often sold as roughly cut boards. There are also surfacing services, so let the lumber store know if you are interested in having your boards surfaced.

Beechwood is perfect for making toys, bending stock, woodenware projects, handles, flooring projects, and all furniture projects, bar none. Though it has limited availability, the demand for beech wood is not so high that you won’t find it online. Forest-to-market rates show that beech wood only has a medium price point.

Beechwood is excellent for machining and has decent resistance to splitting during nailing. If you are going to screw in anything, it won’t split easily, especially if you are using automatic tools. It is a DIY crafter friend, as it is scored as “good” for gluing activities. It has a side hardness of 5800 Newtons and has a rating of 103,000 Kilopascals (rupture level).

Beech is sold in individual planks or boards for $6.99 per board or $173 per pack of 20 board feet. Beechwood packs graded for lighter craft projects are cheaper; you save an average of $70 per pack of ten board feet.

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