What Is the Best Wood for Kitchen Countertops: The Factors You Have to Consider?

by iupilon

What Is the Best Wood for Kitchen Countertops?

There are several factors when considering the best wood for kitchen countertop:

  • Natural wood or wood-derived directly from lumber is divided into two categories: hardwoods and softwoods. Solid, natural wood is considered the best for making kitchen countertops and furniture because of its natural density and resistance to cracking and warping. Also, it makes selection easier because there won’t be so many other factors to consider other than the general strength or durability of the wood type.
  • Hardwoods are usually taken from deciduous trees that grow much more slowly than softwood trees. The result is often a high-quality creation that can last decades, if not centuries. This is also the reason why hardwood furniture is more expensive.
  • Softwoods are related to hardwood trees, but they have a slightly lower density, so they are lower on the scale of general hardness. Nevertheless, softwoods have been in use in furniture production for centuries, and they also deliver, both in beauty and durability. Then again, if you want something that will probably outlive you, go for hardwoods.
  • There are also engineered wood types that are used for modern furniture-making. Plywood combines multiple slices of regular wood and uses an adhesive to make the plywood more stable and durable. Particleboards, on the other hand, are created from the products of wood-chipping. The wood is reduced to small fibers and is then re-glued using powerful adhesives to create solid planks and other wooden products. These engineered wood products are not as durable as natural wood products, but they are used in the modern world to create lighter furniture and designs.

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