5 of the Best Bread Knives of 2022

by iupilon

Have you been looking for the best bread knife 2022? All bread knives nearly look-alike – it’s in how they perform in the kitchen that matters. We present to you five ideal bread knives in the market today.

These top brands have shown resilience and durability in the kitchen, and many of them have also been naturally designed to be ergonomic, with durable grips and tangs. Find the most suitable one here based on your budget and needs in the kitchen. We’re sure that you will find the perfect bread knife for your kitchen today’s excellent blog post.

Mercer Culinary Millennia Bread Knife

A genuinely convenient bread knife also needs to be ergonomic – and this is precisely what the Mercer Culinary Millennia Bread Knife gives it uses. With its soft and comfortable grip, you can slice through all kinds of bread with ease. It has textured finger points, too, to ensure a safe and firm grip. The grip is the life of every knife, and when there is sufficient resistance, it’s going to be so easy using the knife. Hand-wash the blade after use and store like your other knives.

Customers love the blade’s sharpness, and it’s been called “one of the sharpest bread knives around.” Buyers have also routinely upped their ratings to five, and one said that “he would give more if he could.”

Compared to similar bread knives, the Mercer Bread Knife performed splendidly in different tasks. It was also comfortable to hold and was sharp enough to get the slices right the first time. Many other bread knife users attested to the sharpness, and they advise users to be extra attentive when cutting with this knife because it’s good enough for a professional kitchen.

Shun Bread Knife Premier 9”

The Shun Bread Knife is a premium/select bread knife for people looking for that extra edge while preparing different kinds of bread. The blade features a rugged alloy of carbon and iron.

These two elements are known for perfect alloys, where the atoms of each element perfectly complement each other for the most unbreakable combination. This combination ensures long years of service, no bending, and absolute precision in cutting bread. This is the perfect example of a serrated bread knife that retains its razor-sharp edge despite heavy use.

Customers adore this handcrafted bread knife from Japan, and it has been hailed as the perfect knife for people who love bread. You can add a magnet bar to the knife so you can store it more easily.

The knife doesn’t have a particular carrying case, so you may want to shop for that if you want the knife to be more portable. What’s more is that it has held up well against more stringent use of professionals, and is said to have few weaknesses compared to “forever sharp” ceramic knives and even German knives.

Orblue Serrated Bread Knife

The Orblue Serrated Bread Knife has a robust design that grips bread effortlessly to make quick work every slice. This knife is designed to power through the most challenging and densest types of bread, to deliver crispy and delicious slices, every time. The knife comes with a 4.95” handle for an extra safe experience while cutting. The Orblue brand makes use of tough stainless steel, which means the blade will keep easily for years to come with minimal need for sharpening. This serrated bread knife is also light on the wrists as it is ergonomically-designed.

We found some mixed reviews about Orblue, with some users saying it’s not as sharp as expected. Those who bought it (including senior users) say that it is easy to use and improved compared to the bread knives they have tried before.

Zelite Infinity Bread Knife

The Zelite Infinity Bread Knife boasts sufficient heft and an excellent grip for people looking for a more substantial bread knife for their kitchen. It has an appealing design and is also great for cutting through bread with the least effort. Lessen the kitchen’s work time and focus on creating beautiful and delicious bread recipes with the right kind of knife. This is probably the best bread knife for people who want a little more heft in their kitchen knives.

Many users of the Zelite series are long-time users, and we’ve seen that many customers are also buying to complete their collections. This means that the Zelite Series has delivered consistently over the years. Other new Zelite users say that Zelite has a surprising heft and sharpness that they did not expect from this class of affordable knives despite the price. Another user said that the Zelite was so sharp that it was scarring his mother’s cutting board. Now, this is something that we all need in the kitchen – true precision and sharpness.

Cuisinart Triple Rivet Collection

The Cuisinart Triple Rivet Collection Brad Knife is manufactured from the highest grade of carbon stainless steel and has been forged to be doubly-durable. It is one of the most accurate and reliable knives you will use for cutting bread. It has triple riveting to ensure the firmest grip and most muscular cutting action with minimal energy needed to produce the cutting needed. This Cuisinart bread knife also comes with its own knife/blade guard to bring it along whenever you need to.

Customer reviews about this Cuisinart knife are mostly positive, emphasizing people who are confused about the serrated design. This knife is serrated because serrated edges can grip bread more efficiently, significantly cutting denser bread. Customers also say that they regularly use this knife for different kinds of items, including fruits and vegetables. This is a common practice, and it just shows how versatile and sharp this knife is—definitely a good investment for a bread knife.

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