The 2 Best Slow Cooker Made in USA

by iupilon

Slow cookers are essential kitchen equipment. It can produce great-tasting food by placing all the ingredients inside without attending to it. You may even prepare dishes ahead of time that add convenience to your daily cooking routine.

Manufacturers from different countries and regions produce their style of slow cooking. USA-made slow cookers are usually made with detachable pots and a heat source. Compared to other brands, crockpots made in the USA offers adaptability since it can be used on various cooking equipment (oven, stove, dishwasher, etc.)

360 Stainless Steel Slow Cooker

Known to deliver professional-grade cookware that will last for a lifetime, 360 Cookware is handcrafted in the USA with a Green E-certified factory in West Bend, Wisconsin. For over 50 years of manufacturing quality cookware, 360 had produced another leverage to compete against other slow cookers.

Created with food-safe metals, this ensures that any metallic substance or flavor will not be mixed or leach into your food—making it safe for food consumption. The entire cooker is multi-plied with three layers of excellent-grade metals (T-304 surgical grade stainless steel, aluminum alloy, T-400 series stainless steel).

Create an energy-efficient cooking system that is beyond traditional cooking with the magic of Vapor Technology. This will heat the food faster without added fat or excess water. The lid accompanying this set is designed to create a vapor seal that heats food faster at a lower temperature.

This slow cooker can be placed on a stove, conduction oven, and broiler, offering another versatility level. This induction cooker is safe to use up to 500°F, which makes this pot one of the most heat-resistant slow cookers on the market.

Hammer Stahl 2.5 Quart Slow Cooker

Proudly made in the USA, Hammer Stahl’s 7-ply design has included a ferritic steel layer that makes this equipment induction cooker-ready. With its 2.5-quart capacity, it can cook and keep cheese, dips, soups, hors d’oeuvres, and chocolates warm without scorching the pot.

Primarily made with stainless steel, this product can be used and placed on the pot, oven, and slow cooker without damaging it. It is also dishwasher-safe, which makes this product easier to clean without the need of handwashing it.

This set comes with Hammer Stahl’s 2.5-quart sauteuse with a multi cooker base. Aside from being a heat source, this could also function as a griddle that can cook breakfast good for two. This could be paired with the 4 quart and 5-quart stockpots.

To take care of this amazing cookware, here are the procedures:

  • Before using, the cookware must be washed thoroughly in warm soapy water with two distilled vinegar cups.
  • To remove deep-seated dirt and grease, use a nylon scrubbing pad and a fine-powdered cleanser.
  • Do not use scouring pads, steel wool, and abrasive cleaners to clean your pots.
  • Aerosol nonstick sprays should not be used since it forms a sticky buildup through time.
  • Do not use the pan and the heating base on cutting boards or anything that can cause marks and surface scratches.

Picture from, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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