Top 5 Smoothie Makers of 2022

by iupilon

Having a smoothie maker is the easiest way to upgrade your diet and make it healthier. Buying the best smoothie maker will allow you to make the best juices, shakes, and smoothies at home. You save a ton of cash with smoothie makers because they eliminate the need to buy or order. Whether you are looking to buy a Breville smoothie maker or something else, check out the best of the current smoothie maker reviews of 2022.

Sboly Smoothie Blender Single Serve (300-Watt)

Price: $29.99

The Sboly Smoothie Blender Single Serve is a quick and convenient way to get the right amount of smoothie with each operation. This smoothie maker was meant to be easy to use, with its one-touch operation, sleek design, and robust motor. You can now start making your favorite drinks and beverages at home in just ten seconds every time you prepare your beverages. The Sboly Smoothie Blender is very slim and very compact and comes with an ideal 300-watt motor. The smoothie blender is compressed to fit the tightest of spaces, and it won’t be in the way at home.

Customer reviews reflect the excellent performance of this smoothie maker. Users advise others to measure their ingredients well before adding to the machine, because this is a single-serve machine, and if you fill it to the top with too many ingredients, it may take longer to blend everything. However, if you add ingredients sufficient for the container/vessel, it will work as advertised. Another user held off reviewing the blender until 12 months after it arrived to do a useful review. Luckily, after a year, the smoothie blender was still performing well.

Nutribullet Nutrient Extractor (600-Watt)

Price: $49.88

Nutribullet has been around for years, and this brand has been delivering smoothie goodness for quite some time now. Their newest model/iteration is an improvement of the old NutriBullets in the early 2000s.

This model is made of a combination of stainless steel and plastic. The power of this smoothie maker is comparable to the power of the Ninja Personal Blender. You get a 600-watt motor and a stable base, a massive 24 oz—cup, and special extractor blades that work best with fruits and vegetables specifically for creating smoothies and beverages.

Reviews of the newest NutriBullet are mixed, with some people being unsatisfied with the performance. However, more people are happy with the pure muscle that the NutriBullet brings. One user suggested to read the manual first before using so you can use it according to manufacturing parameters.

Ninja Personal Blender for Shakes and Smoothies (700-Watt)

Price: $49.99

This is the mini version of the Ninja series of blenders, and the Ninja brand’s answer to smaller, single-serve smoothie makers. The big difference that we saw immediately is how much power they have backed in this smoothie maker. Instead of adding the usual 300-watt or 500-watt motor, which should be sufficient for making small quantities of smoothies, Ninja has gone ahead and installed a powerful 700-watt motor in the product. This means this smoothie maker packs at least two times more power than equivalent smoothie makers of the same scale.

Reviews of this smoothie maker are more or less the same as other brands. Some folks are happy; some are not. The happy folks say that the motor is more powerful than they thought and can quickly reduce frozen fruit to liquid in a heartbeat. However, on the downside, they say that the cups that came with this smoothie maker are hard to clean, which may be something you wouldn’t like if you are in a hurry. We recommend soaking the cup’s insides with some soap for a few minutes before handwashing them to facilitate the cleaning process.

Ninja Professional 72 Oz. Blender (1000-Watt)

Price: $97.82

The Ninja Professional 72 Oz. The blender comes with a solid 1000-watt base and motor and Total Crushing Technology for people who want to use their blender for making crushed ice perfect for sipping beverages. Use this powerful blender for crushing, pureeing, and making smoothies in seconds. Ice and frozen fruit are no match for the powerful blades and motor. Also, use this for larger quantities of fruit smoothies and other frozen or icy drinks. The blender comes with a special six-blade assembly that makes it easier for you to quickly create beverages at home with the least effort. The high capacity jar is also perfect for making more servings each time.

Current reviews for this blender indicate issues with blending frozen fruits like berries. It appears that the upturned blades aren’t the best suited for small, frozen chunks of fruit. Considering the other reviews, this blender may work correctly for fresh fruit and large chunks of ice but not for smaller frozen items. We recommend using a smaller blender with downturned blades if you will be blending lots of frozen berries. Other than these issues, the blender works as any blender would.

Ninja Professional Countertop Blender (1100-Watt)

Price: $117.01

The Ninja Professional Countertop Blender is a powerful presence in the kitchen. It is big and solidly built, with a high capacity jug and a massive and stable base as the home of its 1100-watt motor. In comparison, a small air conditioner has a 700-1000-watt compressor. You are getting the same horsepower in a small air conditioner in this countertop blender. The blender set comes with 16 oz—Nutri Ninja Cups for single-serve recipes and an accompanying blade set for the Nutri Ninja Cups. For larger quantities, you can use the regular pitcher/jug that comes with the set.

Reviews of the Ninja Professional Countertop Blender are mixed, with some users complaining that the lid leaks oily ingredients. Another user said that hers didn’t last too long. On the other hand, other users report the opposite: they’re happy with the performance, and everything is working as intended. Users generally used this countertop blending for making smoothies and other drinks and crushing ice at home. 

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