5 Top Japanese Chef’s Knives of 2022

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Having the best Japanese knives in the kitchen can significantly improve the speed at which you prepare food at home. The best Japanese kitchen knives are built for heavy use, can be deftly handled, and have accurate blades that can deliver excellent results compared to ordinary kitchen knives.

The Japanese have a long and illustrious blade-making culture that spans centuries, and they bring that knowledge to kitchenware and knives. Now it is the ideal time to buy the best Japanese chef knives for use in your home.

We also recommend investing in Japanese chef knives sets for a lifetime of use. The best Japanese chef knife will likely help you produce more specialized food that requires a more precise and sharp knife. If you have ever wanted to prepare sashimi and sushi at home but keep squashing the fish or rice because the blade wasn’t as sharp as it is supposed to be, then it’s time to get a new knife or set.

Shun Classic 8” Chef’s Knife

The Shun series has always been a crowd favorite because of its long history and dedication to perfecting it. Shun uses its patented VG-MAX steel for this chef’s knife. They’ve added tungsten to the alloy to create a sharper edge compared to stainless steel knives.

Additionally, they have also layered the blade with chromium, which is more effective in resisting corrosion. Cobalt and carbon are added to ensure that the last blade’s metallic bonds are as cohesive and unbreakable as possible at the atomic level. Shun has used resin-infused PakkaWood that prevents water absorption and is rugged enough for daily, professional use.

Customer reviews reveal that this classic chef’s knife works best with regular honing and sharpening. Under regular use, other users recommend weekly honing. According to one review, the blade’s spine is a bit harsh on the index finger, so if you have a more significant hand, you may have to handle the blade differently, so it doesn’t exert much pressure on the index finger during cutting. Some professional users apply a combination of hand-sharpening tools and grinding blades to sharpen the knife. With regular use, it will not rust or chip.

Shun Cutlery Premier 8” Chef’s Knife

Another instant classic from Shun, the Shun Cutlery Premier 8″ Chef’s Knife is a world standard in sharp Japanese knives and is an excellent companion in the kitchen. It features the signature VG-10 backed blade coupled with the most comfortable grip from the leading Japanese blade brand. This blade is highly recommended for slicing, dicing, and creating the thinnest cuts. It will help reduce wrist and finger fatigue and improve the way you cut regardless of what you are preparing in the kitchen.

What do customers have to say about this Damascus steel Japanese knife? Surprisingly, the difference in design compared to the Classic are apparent. One user said that the knife has great blade architecture and has a killer edge for cutting jobs. Another customer said that other home cooks owe it to themselves to grab this knife so that cuttings jobs won’t be tedious anymore. This blade is used continuously for various kitchen jobs, from cutting large watermelons to slicing smaller vegetables. Truly a wonder of Japanese blade design.  

Yoshihiro VG-10 Damascus Gyuto Chef’s Knife

The Yoshihiro VG-10 Damascus Gyuto Chef’s Knife is a years-long bestseller and is best loved for its sleek design, aesthetics, and sharpness. This is an authentic Gyuto knife for both home and professional kitchens.

This chef’s knife holds the distinction of having 46 layers of Damascus steel (instead of the usual 32) and is backed by a robust VG-10 core for added durability. The blade’s texture is also ‘hammered’ instead of the usual smooth, which reduces the blade’s bite or friction while cutting. This Gyuto blade comes with a blade protector (a Saya knife cover), so you can bring it with you and improve its appearance when not in use.

Customers who purchased the Yoshihiro Gyuto Knife are impressed with how sharp and balanced it is. One use is a professional chef who works at a fine dining restaurant. He uses his Gyuto knife daily, and it has performed reasonably well with continuous and demanding use. Users are relatively happy that this Gyuto knife can be used for different settings, from the primary home kitchen to professional restaurant kitchens. It is also a relatively affordable professional knife that is perfect for all skill levels.

Zelite Infinity Chef Knife 8” Damascus Japanese Super Blade

The Zelite series of kitchen knives is celebrated, and many users say that they collect Zelite blades because of the consistent quality. The Zelite Super Blade is ergonomically designed and is perfect for all levels of uses, from home kitchens to professional restaurant kitchens.

Users say that they routinely buy Zelite knives because they easily last many years in the kitchen even with heavy use. Customers typically use their Zelite chef’s knife for cutting through raw chicken, bacon, and the like. Many customers also praise the fact that they are buying genuine Japanese blades whenever they buy from the Zelite brand.

JCK Original Kagayaki Japanese Chef’s Knife

This Japanese chef’s knife also comes with a super durable Pakka Wood handle, a resin layer for added protection against water and surface damage. This is also classified as a Gyuto blade and is a general-purpose knife for the kitchen. It is suitable for many kinds of cutting jobs, from slicing meats to opening large fruits.

The company behind the JCK chef’s knife has 40 years of experience delivering quality chef’s knives to the world. Users state that this knife is perfect for different kitchen tasks, including cutting the smallest rolls and thinnest cuts. Under heavy use, it does not dull, either—a worthy investment and addition to any professional knife set at home.

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