Top 1 Best Kitchen Rugs for Hardwood Floors 2022

by iupilon

The Maples Rebecca Contemporary Kitchen Rug is one of the best kitchen rugs for hardwood floors on Amazon. Check out why it stands out as the best kitchen rug for wood floors:

  • The Rebecca contemporary kitchen rug is made from Olefin’s revolutionary material, also known as polypropylene fiber. This is a high-quality synthetic fiber used in carpeting and rug-making because it naturally resists staining.
    The material itself was first made in 1957 in Europe and was hailed as one of its top textile materials. Olefin is safe for your health and won’t cause any issues at home. It is also naturally colorfast and is a type of upcycled material suitable even for luxury products. It has no VOCs, fire retardants, and stain treatment processes at all.
  • Maples had made sure that all their rugs have an old world and classic appeal, making their rugs timeless and fitting of any home or aesthetic. The premium olefin pile that they use ensures that all their rugs are extra-durable and the best in their class. The Rebecca rug has a height of 44 inches, which means it provides enough height but won’t stick out like an eyesore in any setting. Some rugs are just too high, while this rug hits the mark perfectly.
  • The back of the rug has premium latex backing that prevents sliding and skidding. We all know that rugs can sometimes cause accidents. This rug line’s reimagined backing prevents that and ensures that even small kids won’t have accidents when moving about in heavy traffic areas. Add new rugs to any part of your house with ease. Be worry-free!
  • It is made in the USA.

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