How Much Lemon Juice From One Lemon

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If you want to know how much lemon juice from one lemon, read on.

How Much Juice in One Lemon?

This can be the trickiest of questions because there are no clear indicators of how much juice you will get with each fruit. If a recipe calls for half a cup of lemon juice, exactly how many lemons would you need?

While there will be many differences in the quantity of lemon juice per fruit, there are some useful averages that you can use as a reference. A four-ounce lemon, for example, yields on average three tablespoons of juice. A medium-sized or five-ounce lemon, four tablespoons. And finally, large lemons that weigh six ounces can yield up to five tablespoons, at most. The yield of each fruit will also depend on the extraction method that you’re going to use. If you can truly squeeze the fruit dry, then you get more juice. This is why people use automatic juicers nowadays because it’s one of the surest ways to improve your extractions.

Some tips to improve lemon juice extraction:

  • Always soften your lemons by rolling them around on the table a little. Massage the skin and soften the lemon pulp so it would yield juice more easily.
  • Slicing the lemons crosswise will greatly improve results.
  • Manual lemon extraction is fine. Many people still use glass juicers because they’re easy to use, cleanup is much more simple, and they can get into each section of the lemon half if they want to.
  • Don’t be too self-conscious when you see the lemon spitting out the seeds. You can use a spoon to remove the seeds after. Focus on exerting energy where it matters.

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