How Long Do Red Onions Last: The Best Way to Store Red Onions

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How Long Do Red Onions Last?

Red onions are a staple in any kitchen as they are useful for almost every imaginable recipe. Americans, in general, love putting onions on all things baked and fried. This being the case, we’re sure that you keep far more onions than you need at the moment at home.

So how long do onions last? In particular, red onions will last anywhere from thirty to sixty days, depending on the storage conditions. Place your red onions in the refrigerator, and you will be able to increase your red onions’ storage life. Others will say that the fridge might ruin onions, but let’s remember that onions, for the most part, are kept in climate-controlled storage houses as this keeps them fresher, longer.

If you have no plans of keeping your onions that long in the refrigerator, the next best thing is to store them in a basket or a mesh bag where there is plenty of air circulation. Air circulation can help keep onions crisp and fresh. You can keep them for weeks if you place them in the right storage container outside the fridge. Once you have peeled the onions, it’s fair game to disintegration.

For peeled and chopped onions, your best bet would be glass containers with airtight lids. Please place them in the refrigerator and keep them for a few days only. If you want to prep for a big preparation in the coming days or weeks, chop up all the onions you want, place them in an airtight bag, and then freeze. This will ensure that your onions will still be plump and ready for cooking on the day you want to start cooking.

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