5 Healthy Alternatives to Bread That Can Help You to Lose Weight

by iupilon

Bread is one of the world’s oldest sources of food. Unfortunately, several health conditions can make bread unhealthy as a stable source of carbohydrates. Today’s blog covers various bread substitutes that are healthier but will still provide the nutrients you need for a healthier lifestyle.  

There are our healthy alternatives to bread:

  • Lettuce wraps – This is an excellent bread substitute that allows you to create sandwiches and hold all the fillings without messing easily. Lettuce is also free of gluten and other common allergens associated with wheat and other grains.
    People who are on a low-carbohydrate diet should consider using lettuce wraps. The great thing about lettuce is you can multiply the layers as you please, and you’re not going to increase your blood glucose level.
  • Rice paper – This is only a bread substitute, but it is not a low-carb option. If you are on a low-carb diet, it’s essential that you only consume small servings of rice paper. Rice paper also requires soaking before use. Use warm water for best results.
  • Scandinavian crispbread – Crispbread has the width to handle most fillings, but this type of bread alternative can be fragile, so you have to pick your fillings well. Otherwise, the crisp might crumble in your hands.
  • Rye crisps – Rye crisps have more complex carbohydrates and dietary fiber. The availability of rye crisps is also attractive, so you will never run out of this bread alternative.
  • Almond bread – Almond bread is baked with almond flour, not corn flour or wheat. There is no comparison between the carbohydrate content of almond flour and other types of common flour. Eggs will help ensure the physical stability of the bread.

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