Can I Peel Potatoes a Day Early: The Right Ways and Tips to Peel Potatoes?

by iupilon

Can I Peel Potatoes a Day Early?

Can I peel potatoes the night before? Yes, you can store peeled potatoes and use them the next day. Peeled potatoes won’t go bad as long as you store them properly. Simply place the peeled potatoes in water and refrigerate your potatoes. Peeled and sliced potatoes will remain firm and perfect for cooking for an average of 24 hours before it starts absorbing too much water.

Be sure that the container is wrapped with plastic or foil. Cube the potatoes before placing them in the water. The size of the chunks should be equal for the most part. We chunk potatoes this way because we want the potatoes to cook at the same time. 1.5″ to 2″ chunks are fine for most recipes.

Tips for Peeling Potatoes

  • Push the peeler away while working on the potato.
  • If you want to speed up the peeling process, boil your potatoes first. Par-boiling is an excellent way to loosen the potato skin, so there is almost no effort needed anymore for peeling. Remember to save the potato skins, too – these can be used for making great soup with plenty of flavors.
    After boiling the potatoes for a few minutes, get a strainer, and drain them.
    The potatoes are going to be really hot at this point, so don’t make the mistake of immediately handling them. Either run cold water over the potatoes or wait for the potatoes to cool down a little.
    Get a dry piece of cloth and just rub off the skin of the potatoes. If all went well, the skin is going to slide off easily, and you can just repeat the process with the other potatoes.

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