The Easiest and Best Way to Clean Painted Kitchen Cabinets

by iupilon

The best way to clean painted kitchen cabinets is manual cleaning, and slowly, working from one area to another. The best cleaner for painted kitchen cabinets can either be a commercial cleaner or a natural mix made with vinegar. Follow these steps to turn, make your kitchen sparkle again.

  • In terms of the kitchen cleaner, you need to use an all-surface cleaner that is not corrosive so the painted surface of your kitchen cabinets will not be stripped off.
    To ensure that the kitchen cleaner you’re using is safe on painted surfaces, you must test it first on a very small spot if the cleaner reacts with the paint. If you get even a small amount of paint off when you rub the area with a clean cloth, you need to wash off the cleaner because it will strip off the paint off your kitchen cabinet.
  • If you can’t find a safe all-surface cleaner, you’re better off using a combination of water, some baking soda, and white vinegar. Water is the universal solvent, while baking soda will do the heavy lifting with grease and grime.
    The white vinegar will remove a large quantity of the leftover grime that the baking soda missed while also acting as a mild antibacterial agent. White vinegar is especially useful in removing bacteria and mold – no mold can grow on something with vinegar, so if you’re going to use vinegar as a weekly cleaning agent, your kitchen will be very clean indeed.
  • Microfiber cloth is the best for cleaning painted surfaces because these won’t scratch or damage the surface. You are using rougher textile might, so it’s best to err on the side of the softer cloth. For the corners that you can’t reach, use large cue tips.

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