3 Top and Best Pans with Wooden Handles 2022

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Wood is the least effective conductor of heat, so it makes sense that you invest in pans with wooden handles, as they are easier to handle, and they’re going to be an awesome addition to your modern cookware at home.

Miusco Nonstick Skillet

The Miusco ten-inch nonstick skillet is very affordable for its cookware class and features the highest nonstick performance. If you struggle with releasing food after cooking, you need a nonstick pan with a high-grade nonstick coating that improves cooking time and reduces clean-up time.

If you’re used to just scrubbing metal pans senselessly after cooking, you need to shift to nonstick skillets. The Miusco nonstick skillet is incredibly light for its build because it is made from multi-layered aluminum, which has a high heat capacity and evenly distributes heat when it hits the metal’s surface.

This pan can be used on various heating sources, from solid fuel cookers to halogen to ceramic burners. Miusco skillets are also compatible with all-electric cookers and induction cookers. If you are using it for induction cookers, the bottom will stay flat for a long time, and it won’t scratch your induction cooker’s glass surface.

The wooden handle is made with Bakelite technology that doesn’t warm up and doesn’t burn in the oven. While this isn’t an oven-safe pan because wood can catch fire, the handle is very comfortable and insulated from heat, so if you need to cook longer, the handle’s not going to injure your hand.

Handwashing is recommended, and if you occasionally put it in the dishwashing machine, too, that’s fine, as long as it is not every day. Install the wooden handle upon arrival, and you’re all set to use it.

Mitbak Nonstick Frying Pans

Mitbak nonstick frying pans (this is a set of two pans) is ideal for people who fry food often, as you will get two pans of different sizes, and you can fry two recipes at once effortlessly.

These frying pans are guaranteed to become your new go-to pans when making breakfast and lunch items. Whether you are cooking a lot of fried eggs, fried chicken, or burgers, you can do so easily because of the excellent granite coating that prevents any food from sticking, no matter how much food you are cooking.

Mitbak frying pans are also incredibly lightweight, easy on the wrists, but incredibly sturdy too, so they will last years in your kitchen without twisting and warping. Unlike other frying pans, Mitbak frying pans are also dishwasher safe.

If you seriously do not want to add frying pans to the stuff you need to handwash on the sink, toss your pans in the dishwasher, and forget about them.

Furthermore, Mitbak’s wooden handles are removable, and with a single press, you can remove the wooden handles, wipe them down, and store them separately. Wooden handles that are not constantly wet or worn down by detergents will last longer, adding to the handles’ durability for long-term use.

The granite, nonstick surface of Mitbak pans is PTFE-free and is nontoxic, though we recommend keeping the pan’s cooking temperature at low or medium-high. The general recommendation for all nonstick pans is moderate heat to conserve the nonstick layer. With proper use, you can double or even triple the lifetime of the nonstick layer of your new pans.

The nonstick surface’s granite outer layer is very shiny, stylish, and requires no grease or oil to cook food properly. The design adds to the pans’ luxurious feel and prestige, so they don’t stick out in your modern kitchen. Choose between blue, red, and gray colors available for this Mitbak series.

According to the manufacturer, the nonstick layer is also scratch-resistant, making it more durable and useful in the kitchen. Stick to using softer kitchen utensils such as silicone spatulas and turners or wooden turners and spoons so you don’t damage the nonstick surface. For cleaning, warm water and soap are all you need. Wipe down the pan surface and store until next use.

WaxonWare Frying Pan Skillet

WaxonWare features a classic, flat-bottomed design coupled with warm colors for the ultimate rustic experience cooking at home. This affordable frying pan from the MARBELLOUS Series of frying pans measures eight inches across. It is a proper skillet for heavy frying needs and is 100% free from PFOA. You are also safe from cadmium contamination and lead leaching, as WaxonWare pans have bottoms and inner walls that are heavily insulated from the core metal. In contrast with other frying pans, the manufacturer used marble layering technology on the MARBELLOUS Series. Three separate insulating layers protect the metal and your food during the cooking process. This is one of the unique approaches to crafting nonstick pans, mainly because it doesn’t use the usual spray-on nonstick coating we see in ordinary pans. The Bakelite handles are very soft to touch and easy to handle, and they are riveted securely to the pan’s body. Riveted handles are the strongest in the market, and they won’t let go or loosen any time soon. Of course, the goal is to develop a comfortable but super-secure grip for obvious reasons. The handle’s rivets are not present from the inside, and the pan’s core body is manufactured from die-cast aluminum. The manufacturer has placed a lot of effort into making the pan resist warping as much as possible. It is dishwasher-safe, as well, and with the aluminum body, you are assured of the best cooking experience. Die-cast aluminum is known for equally distributing heat during the cooking process, so the frying pan’s center is not overheated, and all parts of the pan are at the same temperature range (more or less), so the meat cooks evenly. The risk of burning food is also reduced greatly with the use of pans like this.

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