The Best Way to Store Brown Sugar Soft and Without Hardening

by iupilon

Best Way to Store Brown Sugar

How to store brown sugar?

  • Brown sugar stores well when it is placed in a dark area with good ventilation. Humidity impacts sugar, and a humid storage area will likely harden your sugar faster than you can use it. Using a non-reactive container is also a good idea; any chemical reaction between the sugar and the container’s inner surface will produce problems.
  • Any stored brown sugar should be consumed within six months. Sugar that has not yet been open may be kept longer, but keeping these bags too long will likely result in some hardening and loss in flowy texture.
  • To maintain the freshness of brown sugar over an extended period, consider freezing it. However, you will need to use an airtight container to keep the sugar as fresh as possible.
  • If your brown sugar hardens and you cannot use it properly, you have to reintroduce some moisture into it. However, using humidity to your advantage may take forever, so we’re going to heat the sugar instead. You can use a microwave oven or an oven to soften the brown sugar. Heat the sugar for one to two minutes only. Be careful when you pull it out, and make sure that you use it ASAP because once the sugar cools, it’s going back to its hard state again.
  • To keep a smaller quantity of brown sugar soft, place the sugar in an airtight container, and place a few large marshmallows on top. Marshmallows have a natural moisture content that will eventually dissipate as they deteriorate over the sugar. And since marshmallows are made from sugar, there won’t be any issues with your brown sugar’s flavor profile at all.

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