The Laughing Cow Cheese Alternative

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GOOD PLANeT vegan cheese wedges are a good option if you’re on a budget or looking for a vegan cheese alternative to Laughing Cow. Dairy-free snack wedges are the first to be produced and sold by a plant-based enterprise.

The GOOD PLANeT vegan cheese wedges are packaged six to a circular and individually wrapped for mobility and portion control, like the famous Laughing Cow semi-soft cheeses. A variety of tastes are offered in the brand’s vegan cheese wedges, including Original and Pepper Jack.

Emulsifying salts combine milk powder, cheeses, and butter to create the Laughing Cow cheese. Like the citrate in Fondue Savoyarde, the salts emulsify the mixture and prevent it from becoming lumpy.

Plant-based versions of Bel Group’s popular cheese products, such as the red wax-encased BabyBel cheese circles and the spreadable, foil-wrapped Laughing Cow cheese, are being developed. In addition, Boursin cheese spread in Garlic & Herbs flavor was Bel Group’s first vegan product last year.

Follow Your Heart, a well-known vegan food manufacturer known for creating the dairy-free cheese spread Vegenaise, collaborated on the new product. The dairy-free subsidiary of Bel Group, Nourish, was launched in March 2021 with a six-item plant-based slice and blended shred line.

Can You Replace Cream Cheese with Laughing Cow?

While the original Laughing Cow remains the most fabulous cream cheese substitute available, the Laughing Cow brand has expanded its offerings to include various taste options over the past century.

The Laughing Cow Cheese is one of the types of cheese that spreads quickly on crackers. This had a similar flavor to cream cheese and was pretty tasty when applied on a cracker. Despite having higher sodium, it contains somewhat more protein for fewer calories and fat.

A blend of cream, milk, and fresh and aged cheeses, mainly comté, the cheese is pasteurized to stop the ripening process and is served at room temperature. A round, flat box holds the traditional Laughing Cow cheese wrapped in individual serving-size foiled wedges and packaged in a round, flat box.

Besides bread, cream cheese is used in various other recipes such as sauces, dips, icings, and baked goods. If you compare it to cream cheese, the cream cheese spread is less challenging to work with.

In addition, the cream cheese spread has a longer shelf life than the latter compared to regular cream cheese. This is because cream cheese and cream cheese spread are both made from the same ingredients.

Is Babybel and Laughing Cow the Same?

The manufacturer that makes Babybel and Laughing Cow cheddar cheeses are the same. However, cheeses made from the same ingredients by different cheesemakers have very different flavor profiles.

Cheese-making components such as milk, bacterial culture, enzymes, and salt, are all used to make Babybel. In addition, anhydrous milk fat, sodium phosphate, and sodium citrate are some of the food additives used in this processed cheese product. Many flavors of Original Creamy Swiss are available.

Plant-based cheese is now available for those who are lactose intolerant or prefer a vegan diet to serve their expanding customer base better.

Plant-based cheeses have a significant market possibility, as seen by looking at the cheese category. Bel has over 150 years of cheese-making experience and can bring new quality and great taste to the plant-based cheese sector by inventing a plant-based snack that nearly resembles the creamy feel of a dairy-based cheese. A division of Bell Foods, which has been in operation since 1865, Bel is a division of Bell.

Developed to simulate the texture and flavor of Mozzarella cheese, Babybel Plant is made from plants, non-GMO project verified, and vegan certified. The non-GMO project has affirmed that Babybel Plant is composed entirely of natural components derived from plants. The red wax that has become synonymous with Babybel will be swapped out with a green wax in the new plant-based formula.

Customers have learned to expect and love the creamy richness of The Laughing Cow Plant-Based, which is certified plant-based and vegan. Bel is eagerly anticipating the release of Laughing Cow Plant-Based to the public shortly.

Is Laughing Cow Cheese Mozzarella?

The secret recipe comprises skimmed milk, cheeses like cheese fondue, and cheeses like cheddar and comté combined in the same way as a fondue. The result is an ultra-creamy product that’s as tasty as cheese fondue. But unfortunately, there is no method to describe if the cheese blend contains mozzarella cheese.

If you’re looking for a nutritious snack, go no further than Laughing Cow cheese wedges. Even though these wedges have low sugar content, they don’t lack flavor. This makes them an outstanding source of calcium.

During the production of these cheeses, there are no preservatives employed. You can enjoy these exquisite delights with a glass of milk and a few crunchy crackers to accompany them. Because of the high protein value of these foods, you will feel fuller for a more extended period.

Preselected cheeses go into the creation of the Laughing Cow. Cheese and other milk ingredients are melted to create this delicious concoction. No gluten-containing elements may be found in the Laughing Cow cheese. But the dipping breadsticks in the Laughing Cow Dip and Crunch line aren’t gluten-free.

Is Philadelphia the Same as Laughing Cow Cheese?

Sometimes, you can have creamy, spreadable cheese with your bagels and toast, which does not rule out the possibility, but when choosing between Laughing Cow cheese and Philadelphia cream cheese, select Laughing Cow cheese more frequently.

Even though it has higher sodium, it contains more protein for fewer calories and fat. Add a couple of slices of smoked salmon or deli meat to either of these spreadable cheeses to give them an extra protein boost.

Although Philadelphia brick cheese has a calorie count identical to Laughing Cow cream cheese, this product has more protein and calcium than the latter. Brick cheeses are also less processed when compared to creamier spreadable cheeses, which are ultra-processed commodities in their own right. The term “ultra-processed” refers to a food that has been processed one step further to increase its shelf life.

The light and creamy swiss cheese wedges from The Laughing Cow don’t skimp on either texture or flavor. So instead of slathering on fatty cream cheese to top your bagel, consider spreading on Laughing Cow cheese, which has a rich, creamy texture similar to cream cheese but only contains 35 calories per wedge (instead of the usual 100-calorie count).


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