A Pregnant Woman’s Guide to Starbucks: What to Order & What to Avoid

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Ordering at Starbucks can be tricky when one is pregnant. Rather than being confused, simply go through the options below to better understand what to order at Starbucks when pregnant.

Stay Caffeinated, Stay Safe: The Best Starbucks Options for Expecting Moms

Fortunately, there are various Starbucks drinks that a pregnant woman can consume, like Cafe Misto, hot brewed coffee, Chai latte, almond milk honey flat white, and so on. All of these beverages are covered below.

  • Cafe Misto
    Cafe Misto consists of half-brewed coffee and half-steamed milk. The Venti size (biggest size) consists of 195 mg of caffeine. The safe consumption limit for women is 200 mg.
  • Hot Brewed Coffee
    Hot-brewed coffee is hit-and-miss for pregnant women. A pregnant woman can consume hot brewed coffee but only a small cup, so the caffeine consumption remains well below 200 mg.
  • Chai Latte
    Chai (tea) consists of less caffeine compared to coffee. Its caffeine content is half of coffee. That makes the chai latte a good option for pregnant ladies since the Venti size has only 120 mg of caffeine. This leaves room for a small cup of coffee once a day when consuming chai latte.
  • Almond Milk Honey Flat White
    Almond milk honey flat white contains steamed milk and ristretto shots (2). Ristretto shots are approximately half in size as compared to espressos. That is why the biggest serving size of almond milk honey flat white has 130 mg of caffeine, which makes it safe for pregnant women.
  • Iced Coconut Milk
    Starbucks offers numerous iced coconut milk drinks, almost all of which have a caffeine content of less than 200 mg. Some examples include:

    • Iced coconut milk mocha Macchiato
    • Iced vanilla bean coconut milk latte
    • Iced blonde vanilla bean coconut milk latte

    The tall & grande sizes of all these drinks have caffeine content much lower than 200 mg. Coconut milk provides a smooth texture to the drink, which is why it is an excellent replacement for coffee-based drinks.

  • Refreshers
    Refreshers have numerous flavor options like:

    • Pink drink
    • Mango dragon fruit
    • Kiwi star fruit
    • And numerous others

    The fruit-based flavors of these drinks and the less caffeine content make them perfect for pregnant ladies.
    Avoid any refreshers with hibiscus since it’s not safe during pregnancy.

  • Macchiato
    Macchiatos come in 2 options which are:

    • Caramel Macchiato
    • Espresso Macchiato

    The caramel one can be consumed in any serving size. The espresso macchiato should be limited to solo and double.

  • Mochas
    Mochas have more milk than macchiatos and therefore are sweeter. Mocha options at Starbucks are plenty like:

    • Peppermint Mocha
    • Caffe mocha
    • Peppermint white chocolate Mocha
    • White chocolate Mocha

    Even the venti size of these drinks has 200 mg of caffeine. However, avoiding the venti size and using any other serving size is best.

  • Iced Coffee
    Iced coffee is fine for pregnant ladies when opting for short and tall sizes only. Avoid nitro-iced coffee at all costs.
  • Decaf
    Decaf, of course, is the obvious choice for pregnant women. Decaf coffees have a caffeine content of around 15 mg, much lower than usual coffees.
  • Half-Caf Coffee
    Half-caf coffee has 75 mg of caffeine content, making it perfect for consumption during pregnancy.

To know the caffeine content in popular drinks like cold brew, go through the post on how much caffeine is in a Starbucks cold brew.

Avoid These Starbucks Drinks When Pregnant for Optimal Safety and Health

There are a few other drinks to strictly avoid at Starbucks when pregnant.

  • Double/Triple/Quad espresso shots
    It is best to avoid double, triple, and quad espresso shots as the caffeine content is high.
  • Espresso tonic
    Espresso tonic is best avoided because it consists of alcohol, even though in limited amounts.
  • Irish cream Frappuccino
    Irish cream Frappuccino should also be avoided because of its little alcohol content.
  • Herbal teas
    Herbal teas contain certain components which might not be safe for pregnant women. It is best to get a doctor’s advice before consuming herbal teas at Starbucks.

Stay Safe and Healthy with These Starbucks Ordering Tips During Pregnancy

Additional tips highlighted below will help you order at Starbucks during pregnancy.

  • Go for decaf
    It is best to always go for decaffeinated drinks, so caffeine content is well below the threshold of 200 mg per day.
  • Avoid add-ons
    Some add-ons, like cocoa powder, might add caffeine, whereas others add sugar. Both are not safe during pregnancy in higher quantities. So, avoid add-ons and go for regular beverages.
  • Gain help from the baristas
    Even after the above options, if one is confused regarding the drinks to order, simply speak with the baristas. The baristas can customize the drink to reduce the caffeine content in the drink. Sure enough, it might change the taste but ensures less caffeine content in the drink.
  • Avoid daily consumption
    Another way to reduce the overall caffeine content is to consume drinks only on consecutive days. That way, the overall caffeine content will be much lower.
  • Limit the serving size
    Even with the drinks mentioned above, it is best to stick to small serving sizes. That way, caffeine can be reduced to 100 mg daily or less.

Find Out What Pregnant Women Can Drink at Starbucks for a Safe and Enjoyable Experience

  • What size Starbucks coffee can I have while pregnant?
    It is best to stick to short and tall serving sizes at Starbucks during pregnancy. The larger serving sizes have high caffeine content. Going with smaller serving sizes also limits the calories.
  • What Starbucks drink can I drink while pregnant?
    Decaffeinated and half-caffeine drinks are the ideal choice when one is pregnant. Apart from that, other options are available (highlighted above).
  • Which is the best coffee for pregnant women?
    Decaf coffee is best for pregnant women as the caffeine content is as low as 15 mg. The taste is still strong enough to satisfy the taste buds.
  • Why is coffee not allowed for pregnant?
    According to this report, high caffeine content constricts the placenta’s blood vessels, leading to a reduced blood supply and small infant size. Thus, high caffeine consumption (more than 200mg/day) is not suitable for women during pregnancy. To know more about drinks safe for consumption during pregnancy, check the post on what pregnant women can drink at Starbucks.

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