The 3 Best Trader Joe’s Baking Mixes

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While not everyone adheres to the idea of using cake mixes (with YouTube pastry chefs all around), let’s not forget how much time our mothers saved with these fantastic products. Sure, they’re not something that a high-end restaurant would use because skilled chefs would know how to make any cake from scratch.

But for the rest of us, baking mixes are there to stay, simply because they’re easy to use, and no doubt they work. Cake mixes are older than most of us, introduced to the United States in the thirties. Think about it – cake mixes were there during the Great Depression in the US.

There’s a nice story behind the introduction of cake mixes, too. A sudden surplus of flour and molasses in the US and a company named P. Duff and Sons applied for a patent of what would later be formally coined the cake mix.

P. Duff and Sons’ recipe comprised cinnamon, ginger, egg, powdered egg (whole), salt, shortening, butter, sugar, molasses, and of course, flour. Back in the day, this product was marketed simply as a convenient gingerbread mix. The idea was that it had everything that a cook needs to make bread –add water. Rehydration was the key – and so the cake mix was born.

Today, there are as many brands and types of cake mixes as there are cake recipes. We are big fans of Trader Joe’s, has been a consistent brand all these years, and these are Trader Joe’s top three bestsellers of all time.

Trader Joe’s Brownie Truffle Baking Mix


Trader Joe’s Brownie Truffle Baking Mix is everything you have ever wanted in instant brownie mixes. It has a smooth and delicious consistency, and chocolate truffle has always been a big hit with the kids. People buy this kind of brownie mix to be decadent and enjoy the evening after a long workday. We wouldn’t be surprised if people felt the urge to have some fine wine after a pack of this.

Value for Money:

We can’t say a lot about how much Trader Joe’s provides its customers with its product. At $10 per box or thereabouts, you’re getting a good deal because this is a premium brownie mix. This instant brownie mix recipe was meant for two kinds of people: first, folks who love chocolate truffle, and second, people always like brownies handy. We can’t blame them if they love Trader Joe’s because we love this brand, too.

Customer Verdict:

Customers seem to be split on the verdict on this brownie mix. Some fans say that it is perfect and nothing wrong, while others complain about the price and the lack of chocolate. Adjust the taste by adding more baker’s chocolate to the mix.

This brownie mix has truffle and chocolate goodness. If that sounds good to you, grab a pack and tell us what you think!

Trader Joe’s Vanilla Cake & Baking Mix


Vanilla cake mix is considered the classic, which is why Trader Joe’s version of it still sells well. Fluffy and moist vanilla cake is food for the gods. Perfect for almost any occasion, or even if you feel a little hungry for cake in the late afternoon. The great thing about more straightforward cake mixes is that they are easier to customize than a blank slate (almost). Remember – you can always modify, upgrade or improve instant cake mixes if you know a little about baking. As long as the proportions of your dry and wet ingredients are balanced, you should be able to get good results each time.

Value for Money:

The vanilla cake mix is one of the cheaper variants available for this brand. Because it doesn’t have more expensive ingredients like Dutch chocolate, it is priced appropriately. If you want to give it some love, go ahead – it’s going to be the best vanilla cake ever, especially if you keep it moist while cooking!  

Customer Verdict:

Customers are pleased with this vanilla cake mix, with some buyers announcing that it is the best cake mix ever. What can we say? When the cake recipe is more straightforward and has fewer ingredients, it is easy to modify. The reviews show it all – people are changing the final product to suit their tastes.

Get Trader Joe’s Vanilla Cake & Baking Mix if you want a clean slate while baking. Modify to your heart’s content and get a consistent bake every time. For larger batches, buy more than one pound.

Trader Joe’s Banana Bread Mix


Who does not genuinely crave banana bread now and then? Banana bread is warm and good for the tummy, plus it gives you great childhood vibes like gingerbread. Trader Joe’s makes its version of the banana bread more special with actual banana flakes. Rehydrate and bake – that’s the way to do it. We especially like the natural vanilla flavor that complements everything else in this excellent banana bread mix. It’s a good thing that Trader Joe’s has its version ready for you any time. Be sure to get a giant bag if you are planning to bake several loaves.

Value for Money:

The price for Trader Joe’s banana bread mix is not bad at all! At less than $10, people are going to line up for it because it’s just as affordable as their vanilla cake mix.

Customer Verdict:

According to customers, they did not encounter any problems with the banana bread mix. Just follow the instructions, and you are going to get a great consistency with your baking attempt. However, some feedback is that the banana flavor is not as sweet and rich as they expected. What this means is you have to add fresh bananas if you want to get better results. Other than that, this instant mix works like a charm.

Buy a box of Trader Joe’s Banana Bread Mix if you love bananas or feel nostalgic. Add fresh bananas for more natural flavors!

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