How to Pick the Best Dry White Wine for Cooking?

by iupilon

What Should Be Considered When Picking Dry White Wine for Cooking?

If you want to use only the best dry white wine for cooking, follow these tips:

  1. The most important rule is picking dry white wine as a default when cooking with this particular wine. The purpose of using white wine in the first place is adding acidity. You are not after the grape’s natural sweetness, so you’re using white instead of other variations.
  2. Wines like Moscato have a ton of residual sugar content. This translates to faster caramelizing. Deglazing becomes a headache when the wine has high sugar content, and you need more time for the deglazing to succeed.
  3. Inexpensive dry white wine is fine. You don’t have to pick pricey wine bottles to get a good result with cooking. Our general rule here is you should cook with wine that you won’t mind drinking. That’s it! The flavors of wine in the glass will be the same flavors when you cook with it, that’s why.
  4. Our top dry white wines for cooking (in no particular order) are Dry Marsala, Dry Vermouth, Chinese Rice Wine, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, and Dry Sherry.

What Is a Dry White Wine?

The “dry” in dry white wine refers to the lack of residual sugars that make some wines sweet. If you’re after wine that doesn’t have a hint of sweetness but is instead naturally acidic, you’re looking for a dry wine.

What Dishes Are the Best Match with Dry White Wine?

Dry white wine can be used to cook meats and seafood. It’s also an excellent choice if you are cooking with fresh or dried herbs. Dry white wine is a mainstay in countless kitchens.

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