What’s The Best Substitute for Cooking Sherry: Red Wine Vinegar?

by iupilon

Sherry Substitute for Cooking

Cooking sherry is the second-best choice if you don’t have dry sherry at home. However, if cooking sherry isn’t around, what else can you use? A substitute for cooking sherry is vinegar, though you may have to adjust the recipe’s sweetness because vinegar does not have a lot of residual sugar content in it. Another good substitute would be apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar would have a similar flavor profile, and it provides the same tenderizing qualities as sherry and cooking sherry. However, keep in mind that vinegar is not wine, and there will be some things that vinegar cannot impart to the dish you are cooking. Nevertheless, if you want something closer to the real thing, then we shift to vinegar that has been derived from wine, too: red wine vinegar.

Can I Use Red Wine Vinegar Instead of Sherry?

Yes, you can use red wine vinegar as a substitute for sherry. Red wine vinegar is a top-notch vinegar as it retains the color and some of the flavors of red wine in its wake. Though much of the residual sugars present in red wine are gone when the product finally turns to vinegar, it is still a good choice for cooking.

Many people love red wine vinegar because you can use it straight from the bottle, and it does well in so many recipes, from fresh salads to meat stews. Combining red wine vinegar with any mustard will work well as a flavorful marinade that works well with various types of meat, like mutton, pork, and beef. This vinegar is also used to preserve various types of food items, from fruits, vegetables, and even boiled eggs.

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