How to Pick the Best Bourbon for Cooking?

by iupilon

What Are the Things to Consider When Picking a Bourbon for Cooking?

To be able to select the best bourbon for cooking, consider the following:

  1. Acidity – Bourbons have slightly varying acidity levels, based on how the bourbon was manufactured, aged, and kept before being sold. For instance, the more acidic bourbons with citrus components can be used for tackling sweeter dishes that need to be more balanced.
  2. Alcohol Content – The bourbon’s alcohol content has a powerful impact on the different ingredients of your dish. Check the proof of the bourbon before using. Bourbons with lower alcoholic proof need shorter cooking times. The idea of cooking alcoholic beverages like bourbon is you will burn off the alcohol and leave the rest of the non-alcoholic components behind. These components contribute to the flavor of the dishes and also interact with the ingredients.

Generally speaking, bourbons are great for tenderizing meat. No meat can ever withstand the power of alcoholic beverages like bourbon. Higher proof bourbons can cause protein and fat coagulation in meat dishes. Sweeter recipes like jellies and jams become smokier and tastier with the help of bourbon, too.
Another excellent flavor that just around the corner is cereal taste brought by barley and malt. This the creamy and full flavor that you detect in dishes cooked with bourbon.  

What Dishes Are the Best Matches with Bourbon?

Cooking with bourbon is not complicated. You can cook various classical dishes like meat stews, soups and even chicken wings with it. The bourbon serves as an enhancement for the dish –make sure that you know how to cook with wines and spirits!

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