How Long Do Green Beans Last: How to Tell If They Have Gone Bad?

by iupilon

How Long Do Green Beans Last?

You can expect your green beans to last for a week. They are dry, and they are placed somewhere cool and equally dry. Humidity is a vegetable killer, and the container used for vegetables is essential in keeping them fresher, longer. Suppose you are not used to rinsing vegetables and storing them for a long time. In that case, we recommend that you skip this step and place them where they’re safe from other vegetables like tomatoes and onions, so the off-gassing of other vegetables doesn’t affect them.

What Happens If You Eat Bad Green Beans?

This largely depends on what happened to your green beans. If your green beans are just withered, and they smell off but are inside your fridge, there’s only a slim chance of you picking up a stomach bug because of the vegetables. If you washed your vegetables before refrigeration, then the chances of getting sick from Escherichia coli are pretty low. No, you will not get a life-threatening infection from accidentally cooking and eating green beans that are no longer so fresh.

Keep in mind that vegetables can grow mold, too. Can you eat mold? No. Don’t eat anything with green or blue molds. Throw them out if they’re overrun. However, if only a portion of the vegetable is moldy and the rest is fine, then you can just cut out the portion that has mold and use the rest normally. This might sound dangerous, but it isn’t, and we have science backing up our claims.

For vegetables that are generally firm, like cabbages, trim one inch around the parts that have mold. For green beans, slice around the signs of mold, and you’re ready to go.


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