How to Eat Blackberries: Eating Tips to Make You Healthier

by iupilon

How to Eat Blackberries?

Breakfast is the best time to eat blackberries. You can add the blackberries to your cereals, or you can get just the blackberries fresh. Blackberries are often added to various salads (including fruit salad, of course) or chopped up and then added to Greek yogurt. Different types of porridges would also need some sweetening up; blackberries are certainly a prime choice for sweetening porridge.

What Goes with Blackberries?

You can certainly pair your frozen or fresh blackberries with various fruits and spices, including cinnamon, hazelnut, mangoes, peaches, plums, almonds, apricots, and the like. Fruits are also the natural companion of various wines, including red wines and port wines. Add more zing to your orange liqueur, add fresh blackberries to your pairing, and you can’t go wrong with your choice of fruit for that meal.

How Do You Wash Blackberries Before Eating?

Don’t wash blackberries as you would apples and other harder fruits. They are not firm enough to withstand the pressure of faucets. There’s a huge chance that some of your blackberries will split open or become crushed if you use a faucet to wash them.

Instead, fill a bowl or basin with water and place the blackberries in a colander. Place the colander in the larger basin and allow the blackberries to soak a little. Swish the blackberries around to remove any dirt and other particles. Do this several times, and your blackberries will be ready to be eaten fresh.

Is It Safe to Eat Blackberry Seeds?

Like grape seeds, it is safe to eat blackberry seeds. It might also be a good idea to consume the seeds even if you don’t like the texture because the seeds are rich in natural omega three fatty acids and other life-giving nutrients.


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