Does Hummus Have Gluten?

by iupilon

Does hummus have gluten? Many vegans want to know – is hummus gluten-free? People who have celiac disease are also unable to tolerate gluten, so it’s natural for people to want to know if this flavorful paste from the Middle East has gluten or not.

Hummus & Gluten

Hummus should be naturally free of gluten. If you’re buying commercial hummus, there should be an indication on the label that the product does not contain hummus. Some brands that are proven to be completely free of gluten include Sabra and Tribe Hummus. Traditionally, this pure food is crafted from tahini and chickpeas (the main ingredients). Tahini can be made from seasonings and ground sesame seeds.

Garbanzo beans (or chickpeas in some regions) is the wide base for the recipe. It is possible to create hummus at home with store-bought ingredients. Yes, canned garbanzo beans are excellent for hummus, no worries about that. You don’t have to use fresh garbanzo beans if you don’t have them. Homemade hummus will also last up to thirty days in the refrigerator. For even longer storage times, freeze your hummus and thaw it out in the refrigerator when you are about to consume it in a day or two.

What if you don’t have access to tahini? You can still produce hummus at home without this ingredient. However, hummus lovers are more particular with the ‘complete package.’ If you don’t have tahini, add more extra virgin olive oil. The result would be akin to chickpea paste, which is delicious because hummus is a type of chickpea paste.

For added savory zing, we recommend adding roasted garlic to your recipe. Ground cumin is also a great way to change the flavor profile immediately. Hummus is essentially a blank canvas – be experimental.

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