How to Eat Anchovies: What’re The Best Dishes with It?

by iupilon

The anchovy is a type of forage fish that occurs in almost every type of marine water. Some species thrive in freshwater and even brackish water. There are over 140 species of anchovy in the wild. In most cultures, the anchovy is a well-respected fish and a component of many recipes.

Are Anchovies Cooked?

Yes, anchovies are usually prepared and cooked before consumption. This fish can also be pickled using vinegar. The flesh of the fish turns white upon pickling. Fillets can also be brined or submerged in flavored oil. They are then consumed with capers. This fish can also be eaten raw (though this is uncommon) and mainly as an aphrodisiac.

How to Eat Anchovies?

Anchovies are one of the human civilizations’ earliest food sources, right next to watercress. Salt preservation allowed people to develop culture alongside these simple fish that naturally brought so much flavor to meals. Also, keep in mind that cultures have different definitions (and species associated with) of the anchovy concept.

There are several ways to eat anchovies:

  • You can crate tapenade with it. Tapenade is a kind of spread made with Kalamata olives, capers, anchovies, some lemon juice, and don’t forget the thyme. Blend all of this in a food processor, and you’re set with your tapenade.
  • Anchovies taste amazing when added to Caesar salad. Add blended anchovies to your usual dressing, and add some pepper and lemon juice, too. Chicken strips and croutons complete the formula for intense flavor.
  • Blend some softened butter and anchovies and use the butter for making steak. Thank us later when the explosion of flavor reaches your palate.
  • Use the butter you create for steak for making garlic bread. No regrets because it’s so flavorful, too!

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