What Are the Best Frozen Lasagna?

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Everyone loves lasagna, but it can be challenging to pick the best-frozen lasagna in town. Which brand brings home the bacon in terms of taste, quality, and culinary quality? We took a look at dozens of brands, and here are our best picks for best ready-made lasagna.

Skinnytaste Lasagna Soup

The Skinnytaste lasagna soup isn’t exactly lasagna, but it has everything you desire in a quality lasagna. It is formally a deconstructed lasagna, but this doesn’t make it any less good on the dinner table.

People love lasagna so much that they have adapted it to a warm bowl of soup. If you are interested in creating lasagna soup, note that there are several ways to tweak it. For instance, you can make it a vegetarian lasagna soup by leaving out the sausages or any other meat product in the recipe.

If you don’t want to add sausages, you can add ground beef or ground turkey instead. Broken lasagna noodles can also be replaced with whatever pasta you have at home. We all have our preferences when it comes to pasta. And lastly, we think it’s a great recipe because you can refrigerate the Skinnytaste lasagna soup for four nights. This means you can cook a large batch and heat it consecutively until everyone has had their fill.

What is the best meat sauce lasagna?

The sheer number of sauces available for lasagna is staggering. However, we have to give the BARILLA brand of sauces extra credits because they consistently top customer ratings from online marketplaces. The second most popular sauce is RAO’S Homemade sauces. Both of these brands provide various iterations of different pasta sauces that you can use for different recipes. Have fun with it, and we are sure that you are going to get good flavors.

Costco Frozen Lasagna: Is Costco frozen lasagna good?

Costco’s answer to frozen lasagna is Costco Kirkland Signature Meat Lasagna. Based on the reviews we’ve seen thus far, Costco has outdone itself with this product.

Since there are so many brands already producing ready-made lasagna, it’s easy to discount it because they’re present in many niches in the food industry. However, they didn’t fail to deliver with the lasagna. According to reviews, they did not skimp on adding meat to the lasagna. There is also plenty of cheese to it, and the ratio of pork and beef is also good.

The sauce is somewhat sweeter, so if you are more into the authentic Italian taste that’s slightly more acidic, this may be a slight leap for you in terms of flavor.

Nonetheless, we think that you will love the fact that Costco has added generous amounts of mozzarella cheese, Romano cheese, and cottage cheese to it. As for the overall collection of flavors, it is authentic from top to bottom. Our verdict is you should try it.

Tater Tot Lasagna

Tater tot lasagna or “totsagna” (pardon the funny-sounding name) is another adaptation of the classic Italian recipe. This recipe integrates tater tots, which is one of the most popular snack items around. It may sound strange to some individuals, but this layered lasagna recipe will surely tickle your pasta bones if you try it.  

Totsagna or tater tot lasagna can be made with common ingredients like marinara sauce, garlic powder, ground turkey or ground beef, parmesan (grated), mozzarella cheese (shredded), ricotta cheese (you can use low-fat if you wish), one egg and of course, one large bag of frozen Tater Tots.

People who have tried this unusual recipe say that if you start with this modern adaptation, don’t overuse Tater Tots.

They probably discovered that with too much Tater Tots, the totsagna will be slightly starchier than usual. Other people say that you need to add more beef and turkey to the mix to bring justice to the dish. Whatever your decision, we feel that this is a great family treat that everyone will naturally love.

Omaha Steaks Lasagna

The direct opposite of Mediterranean lasagna (which emphasizes more plant-based ingredients) is the Omaha Steaks Frozen Lasagna. Omaha Steaks Lasagna prides itself on being authentically Italian. The manufacturer states that they put in a lot of work to make this frozen lasagna superb, with superior flavor. It is also naturally hearty and was concocted to be a true people-pleaser.

There is a generous amount of Ricotta cheese in this lasagna, and of course, there is a huge amount of Omaha Steaks-brand ground beef. This is an authentic meat lover lasagna filled with four different kinds of cheese, from Romano cheese, Parmesan cheese, Monterey Jack, and Mozzarella. Each package contains two packs of thirty ounces each. The box is sufficient for four people for a single meal.

Enchilada Lasagna

Some home cooks say that enchilada lasagna is slightly more savory than your usual lasagna, and the good quality brings out more flavors from the meat. This recipe is something that you should try if you’re aiming for something different with your cooking. Another difference is that it makes use of small-curd cottage cheese instead of the usual hard cheeses. Nonetheless, the output is still authentic and slightly spicier, which would appeal to many people who like spicier food. There is not a lot of natural heat in the recipe, but it will be a refreshing change if you think about it.


The quest for the best lasagna doesn’t end with the frozen food aisle. If you want to please your culinary sensibilities and taste buds, it’s time to fan out to different kinds of lasagna recipes from all over. You can combine what you know of previous lasagna recipes to create your adaptation. It’s going to be a fun ride knowing that Italian cuisine can be adapted repeatedly and still produce great flavors.


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