3 Top Choices – What Spaghetti Sauce Is Low Sodium?

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Sodium is a massive hindrance to people who suffer from sodium-sensitive heart diseases. Salt is also a problem for people who have kidney problems, as it increases the likelihood of kidney failure.

That’s why it makes complete sense for a person to change his diet to low sodium when his physician advises him to do it. To answer the call for better choices, we looked for three of the top low-sodium spaghetti sauces on Amazon. Pick any of these or pick them all – you can be assured of their quality and sodium content.

Yo Mama’s Foods Marinara Pasta and Pizza Sauce

Yo Mama’s Marinara proudly uses non-GMO tomatoes, black pepper, oregano, among other healthy and wholesome ingredients, to create a marinara sauce that you’ll love using again and again.

Each pack contains 2.4 kilograms of marinara and pizza sauce, and you can be assured that at least for the new few weeks, you will have fresh pasta/pizza sauce in the refrigerator for use at any time. Yo Mama has always prided itself in using old-world recipes that are tried and tested over the generations.

It is challenging to find genuinely inspiring spaghetti sauces that are made from heirloom recipes. That’s why the Yo Mama brand is close to our heart because it makes it easier for classic pasta lovers to find a new sauce brand that will bring the same level of happiness and taste, even when they need to go low sodium because of their medical conditions.

Yo Mama uses only the freshest ingredients, and this product is paleo-friendly, too, because it has no added sugar. If you are trying to lose weight by engaging in a low-sugar and low-fat diet, eating more pasta and using low-salt spaghetti sauces might be the way to go.

Pasta is satisfying and filling and soothes raging appetites quickly. Customers reviews indicate that Yo Mama has genuinely lived up to its promise of providing not just a viable or usable sauce but also a marinara sauce that you would want to restock in your pantry, always. Customers recommend adding fresh ingredients to the mix to complete the marinara sauce – more fresh garlic and perhaps a cup of fresh mushrooms should do the trick.

Prego Traditional Italian Pasta Sauce, Low Sodium

Who doesn’t know and love the Prego brand of sauces? Prego has been pumping out a fantastic array of spices over the years, and it’s not surprising that they have a beautiful low-sodium version of their classic Italian sauce on the ready.

The label says it all – Prego uses natural ingredients like pureed tomatoes and diced tomatoes on top of fresh and dehydrated herbs. Good flavors don’t lie, and it’s nearly impossible to fake good pasta sauce if you are not using the right ingredients. Fortunately, Prego’s lower sodium variant is chock full of classic Italian pasta goodness. If you are a Prego follower, there is no reason why you wouldn’t love their new product.

According to the manufacturer, Prego uses 25% less salt in this variant, and the sauce also happens to be gluten-free. It is also paleo-friendly because Prego has foregone adding refined sugar or high-fructose corn syrup. Not everyone likes sweeter pasta, so if you genuinely want the classic Italian experience, the current formulation should be acceptable.

The number one ingredient in this lower-sodium pasta sauce is vegetables, which also happen to be the number one source of flavors. Since salt is the most accessible flavor enhancer, Prego has had to combine more vegetables to give the pasta sauce a good flavor boost, which benefits everyone. More vegetables in the roster of ingredients mean the final product is healthier and more awesome for people who want to get healthier.

Just one basic serving of Prego’s lower-sodium pasta sauce already provides an impressive 40% of the required serving of vegetables for an adult. That’s how much vegetables they have added to this lower-sodium pasta sauce. Each jar is 23.5 ounces – more than enough to feed the average hungry family, and perhaps there’s some space for the next meal! It depends on how you do pasta at home. This is an ideal addition to your cupboard – get one or two!

The Vine Simply Marinara, Low Sodium

Nothing screams organic than The Vine products. In contrast with other mass-produced low-sodium pasta sauces, The Vine has stuck true to its creed of providing only the best, organic produce to its customers.

And that’s why they have no qualms about sitting beside other more prominent brands because they use only organic produce, from garlic to the basil to the tomatoes they puree for their sauces. The Vine Simply Marinara jar contains no less than seven big-time organic vegetables used for making classic Italian marinara. We can’t argue with that kind of quality, so let’s get cracking on what The Vine offers.

This three-jar pack weighs a total of 2.2 pounds and should be enough for more than a handful of meals. The Vine sauces are delicious and straightforward, and they have the added benefit of being always non-GMO because they only use organically-grown tomatoes and other ingredients. If you want to be genuinely healthy, nothing beats the record of organic vegetables – as nature intended them to be grown and consumed.

This sauce only has 25 mg of sodium, and the sodium only comes from the naturally occurring salt found in vegetables. That’s right – if you taste the flavors, you are only tasting the minuscule amount of sodium from organic vegetables. Indeed, that is enough to get you thinking – why aren’t other manufacturers doing the same thing?

On top of being certified organic, this product is also paleo-friendly because it has zero added sugar, and it is entirely safe for vegans. So wherever in the diet spectrum you happen to be, remember that you only need to pick up a jar of The Vine Simply Marinara to find out what you have been missing out on. Customers of The Vine have found the best, fresh-tasting marinara sauce in the market.

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