Can Yogurt Cause Constipation?

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Can Eat Yogurt Every Day Cause Constipation?

No, eating yogurt daily will not cause constipation. This isn’t how probiotics work. If anything, the yogurt will help you move your stools more easily, with less pain and better regularity.

Physicians often recommend eating foodstuffs like kefir and yogurt because they can truly help reboot the intestinal microbiota. The more you keep this part of your body healthy, the better your digestion and overall health.

Is Yogurt Good for Treating Constipation?

Yes, several studies are backing this claim, and we are fairly certain that eating more yogurt will make your constipation ease off more quickly. One study showed that eating yogurt regularly for two weeks can shorten the constipation period to recover.

180 ml of yogurt for fourteen days will already produce this effect. If you have chronic constipation, look into yogurt, as it can truly make your life easier.

Some people might be confused about how yogurt figures in with treating constipation with the right diet. Doctors will warn people against dairy products, and yogurt is certainly a type of dairy product.

There shouldn’t be any confusion at all – yogurt is primarily a type of probiotic food, so it is dairy items that come in secondarily. Doctors will also tell you that ice cream and yogurt can’t be put side by side in this regard because yogurt contains good bacteria that can easily help improve the symptoms of constipation.

How Do Yogurt Affect Bowel Movements?

Yogurt has been shown to improve the symptoms of constipation in adults. In one study involving 378 adult women with constipation symptoms, regularly consuming a popular brand of yogurt called Activia resulted in positive changes in their bowel movement. Among the effects of Activia on the adult women were increase bowel evacuation rate, less straining during a bowel movement, and reduced pain during defecation.

There were slight variations in the experiment’s impact on an individual basis, but the variations were negligible compared to the bigger picture. There was also an improvement in the type of feces being produced, as per the Bristol scale.

The study showed that adults who suffer from functional constipation might get plenty of relief by simply eating yogurt like Activia. This is not to say that you should stick to this brand at all times. As long as there are live probiotics in the yogurt, there is a big chance that you are going to get awesome results.

Another study showed that even pregnant women suffering from constipation related to pregnancy could get relief by regularly consuming at least 300 grams of yogurt per day.

Again, the yogurt has to have live lactobacilli useful to a person suffering from functional constipation. Keep in mind that these studies do not cover instances of non-functional constipation or severe constipation.


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