Are Baking Paper Broiler Safe?

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Broiling creates complex flavors and texture in your this. If you have a stovetop oven, the broiler is located near the heat source (on the top or the bottom) that provides direct heat. Broiling and grilling is a similar process of cooking—with the utensil used as the main difference.

Consider grilling your food in an open area, while broiling is only possible inside an oven. For some, baking paper or parchment paper is heat-resistant material that can be served as a liner for baking pans and molds. While the baking paper is certainly heat resistant, it is not fire-proof. The direct heating method made inside a broiler could potentially burn your parchment-covered dish.

Is It Safe to Broil with Baking Paper?

Baking paper is a thin paper glazed with silicone, a heat-resisting material. The silicone coating found in the baking paper could resist heat but cannot withstand direct flames hitting it. Silicone is safe for food preparation and could not harm the body.

The baking paper will not affect the flavor of your baking dish. It reduces the need to grease your cooking tray with lard and flour. After using, you can peel off the used baking paper away from the baked product—and dispose of it immediately.

However good baking paper gets, this material is not suitable for broiling. Lining or covering foods with baking paper is not safe to be used inside a broiler.

A broiler uses a direct heat method (similar to grilling) to produce new elements in flavor and texture. The smoky, rustic tones are suitable on several proteins, vegetables, and even desserts.

If you want to use your broiler, find suitable broiling cookware. Metal broiling pans and the dripping rack is heat resistant and heat-proof. It can withstand direct temperatures without the possibility of burning.

Will Baking Paper Burn Under Broiler?

The quick answer here is yes—baking paper could burn if placed inside a broiler. Despite being an indispensable baking material, the baking paper is not fireproof. This silicone-coated paper could reach temperatures up to 419°F/215°C only. Higher than that, the silicone will begin melting, making the paper sheet vulnerable to burning.

Direct heat cooking, usually done on a broiler, will potentially scorch the non-fire retardant properties of baking paper. The baking paper will quickly turn into ashes from small flames, leaving burnt sediments on your poor dish.

The baking paper should never be used near the broiling. The material is a fire hazard and could lead to large fires when in contact with the broiler’s heat source. When broiling, baking paper and other flammable materials should be placed away from the broiler to prevent unwanted fires.

Only use baking paper when lining your baking molds and trays or steaming foods away from the broiler. Aluminum foils or metal-based trays should be used if you will be cooking near the broiler.

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