Is Baking Paper Necessary?

by iupilon

Baking involves using specific kitchen utensils that could withstand the oven’s high temperature. When using baking paper, you can line it on the edges of your baking dish or tray or package your food inside—like en Papillote. Lining your bakeware with baking paper could reduce the time needed to clean greased pans. The only downturn for baking paper is a non-reusable component. After it is drenched in excess oils and fats, the baking paper could not be reused and should be disposed of immediately.

Should You Use Baking Paper?

The main question asked in baking and cooking is: what other materials could be substituted? This same principle applies to baking paper since it is more expensive than other materials like regular paper, wax paper, and paper towels.

Several recipes require the specific use of baking paper—due to its heat-resistant and nonstick properties. Baking paper is lined on metal sheets and trays to prevent food from browning and sticking. Lining your pan with baking paper is more effective than grease and flour.

Greasing your pans could also consume more time in cleaning, and baking paper will help a lot. Grease melts instantly and could add unwanted burnt flavor to certain dishes.

If the baking paper is available and not on a tight budget, consider using it. Wax paper could be a good substitute for lining baking pans and molds, or if you are steaming your food instead of baking.

However, the wax paper should not be used wherein it is exposed to high heat. You could use wax paper as a perfect liner for bakes and pastries, but not for cookies and baked meatballs. The exposed part of wax paper is prone to browning, affecting the food’s overall taste value.

What Can Be Used Instead of Baking Paper?

Baking paper is not necessary for some cooking methods. Aside from its non-reusable properties, it is expensive compared to other materials. Purchasing a reusable baking pad, aluminum foils, or using baking ingredients could substitute baking paper.

Silicone baking pad

A silicone baking pad is a reusable form of baking paper. Like baking paper, a silicone baking pad is made from pure silicone—a heat-resistant element. Silicone is a pliable material, which can also be almost unbreakable. Although it cost higher than baking paper, a silicone baking pad can be used many times. Greasing your pan is not need if you own a baking pad.

Aluminum foil

Aluminum foil is a sheet made with aluminum, which can act like baking paper. When using aluminum foil, make sure that the top part is greased to prevent food from sticking.

Aluminum foil is also flame-proof and can withstand direct heat from the grill or broiler. Foil seals food better than baking paper does—and doesn’t require special folding methods to work. Just make sure that you’re wearing heat-resistant kitchen gloves when working with aluminum foil to prevent sticking. 

Grease and flour

You can use your kitchen staples as an effective substitute for baking papers. Instead of lining your pan with paper, you can use butter, lard, or margarine as your grease. Cooking spray works well, too. You can add flour to create a better nonstick surface. In cleaning, soak your soiled pans with warm soapy water before handwashing.


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