How to Make Toast Without a Toaster

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Toast smells heavenly, tastes good, and you can eat toast any time of the day with zero guilt. But how can you make the best toast using different cooking methods? This is the mission for today’s blog as we discuss the various methods for making toast aside from the most usual method, which is by using an electric toaster.

How to Make Toast in the Oven

We usually toast bread in electric toasters because of their single-switch operation. But did you know that you can make wonderful toasted bread in an oven, too? Get a baking tray and put as many slices of bread as you need on the tray. Just make sure that the slices of bread are not touching each other, and the tray is not overly full of bread. Set the oven to broil and toast the bread for about two minutes each side.

You have to flip the bread, just use a long pair of tongs to do this. In less than five minutes, you will have wonderfully toasted bread with a nice crust and a ton of flavor trapped inside the bread. This is an excellent method of toasting bread when you do not have time to toast bread slices two at a time. Toast all of them at once and get on with the meal with your family or friends. Just be careful not to burn your bread.

If you feel like slow-toasting your bread, you need to preheat your oven to 350˚ Fahrenheit. Place the baking tray at the uppermost level and then at the center. Allow your bread to toast for ten minutes. Flip your slices of bread at the five-minute mark.

You will get a crunchier crust or exterior, and the toasting of the bread will be deeper and more refined. This method requires just five more minutes, but it is a champion method for people who want a slightly darker toast on their bread.

How to Make Toast Bread with Frying Pan

Got no oven or electric toaster? No problem! It is perfectly acceptable and smart to toast bread using a pan on a stovetop. For this method, you will need a thick or heavy-bottomed pan. Place the pan over medium heat and allow the metal to get hot.

It is up to you if you want to drizzle your pan with neutrally-flavored oil like avocado oil or extra-virgin olive oil. Place the slices of bread on the pan and cook until you attain your desired level of being toasted. Can you dry-toast bread in a pan? Yes, you can, but the bread will be even more flavorful when you toast it with neutrally-flavored oil. Trust us on this one – your breakfast or snack is going to be more memorable if you season your toast this way. If you are making a chocolate sandwich, be sure to add the chocolate while the bread is still on the pan to facilitate the spreading and melting of the chocolate. And that is how you can make bread toast in the pan. Now, if you don’t like chocolate or oil, feel free to apply butter or margarine to your toast immediately after cooking.

Can Airfryer Toast Bread?

You guessed it right: people have been using their air fryer machines to make toast. Airfryer toast is sweet and awesome and is even easier to make because all you need to do is to place the bread inside the container and wait for the toast setting to finish. Keep in mind that the higher the wattage of your air fryer, the faster the cooking process because you can kick up the level of the heat several notches if you need to.

If you have never used an air fryer for bread before, we recommend that you start cooking with a lower setting so you can monitor better how each setting cooks bread. Different air fryers operate at different settings too, and some air fryers with more power are bound to toast bread more easily.

If you want to try this for the first time, you will need slices of bread, extra virgin olive oil, and a pastry brush.

Brush each side of each slice of bread with a moderate amount of olive oil. Make sure each side is coated properly. Place all of the slices in your air fryer basket. Set the temperature to 320˚ Fahrenheit and cook for two minutes. If the toast has not darkened to your preference, simply toast the bread again for an additional minute or two. You can always turn off the air fryer to check the doneness of what you are cooking. Apply your choice of jam, butter, or any other toppings you might want on your toast. You can also toast or reheat English muffins in an air fryer.

Another excellent breakfast idea is making crust-less toast points. Toast points are triangular pieces of bread with the crust sliced away. Cut your bread into triangles, slather them in butter, margarine, or olive oil, and then toast them. You can also make your bread more savory by seasoning your toast points with garlic powder, garlic salt, cayenne pepper, etc.

Toast points are blank slates, and you can add whatever you want as toppings or seasonings to satisfy your cravings. You can use toast points as side dishes to dishes like lobster, steamed or buttered shrimp, chicken a la king, various pasts, and even clam chowder. Soups are particularly excellent because bread naturally goes well with soups, especially soups that have different bases like tomato, milk/cream, or seafood.

Toast points are also versatile because you can transform them by simply modifying the toppings. You can use smoked fish, goat’s cheese, sour cream, caviar, salmon, shrimp, mushrooms, cream and chives, red peppers (grilled), blue cheese, honey, cream cheese, and so much more. Your imagination is the limit when you are preparing toast, and your family will be so happy that you are using the blank canvas that is the toast for your culinary adventures.

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