Top 1 Best Asian Cookbook 2022

by iupilon

If you love Asian food, you’re probably in the market for the best Asian cookbook. It can be hard to find a reliable Chinese food cookbook that is easy to follow and, at the same time, brings all the authenticity of Chinese cooking to the table. That’s where Jet Tila’s 101 Asian Dishes You Need to Cook Before You Die into the picture.  According to Jeff Tila, he grew up in the cultural melting pot that is Los Angeles, California. He grew up surrounded by a beautiful variety of cuisines from all over the world. Growing up in a Chinese migrant family in Thailand, they all moved to the United States in 1966.

Jef Tila worked hard in the restaurant business and is exposed to food all his life. He brings thousands of hours of earnest hard work and expertise to his cookbook, which is admittedly very personal to him. He recommends that his book be read by people who also have an earnest desire to learn how to cook real Chinese food using traditional methods. He believes that anyone can cook delicious and authentic Asian food at home. While the flavors of Chinese cooking are extraordinary, the methods of cooking are learnable, and everyone in your family will enjoy Oriental cooking the way it was made to be enjoyed.

Keep in mind that you will learn not just Chinese cooking but also Thai cooking and even Korean cooking. The foundations of Asian cooking are similar, so when you get the basics down right, you can jump from one cuisine to another with little difficulty. Examples of food that you can cook with this book include Sriracha hot wings, banh mi sandwiches, Panang beef curry, and black cod with miso.

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