Which Avocado Oil Is Best in 2022

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Avocado oil has gained a revival in recent years. It is best suited for various cooking methods, and it is even more reliable in resisting heating than more common options such as vegetable oil and olive oil.

But with so many brands out there, how do you know that you are getting your money’s worth? Check out some time-tested brands of avocado oil on Amazon, so you won’t have to experiment with your dishes, and you can get on with being the great home cook that you are. These are our top three avocado oils for cooking in 2022.

General Use Avocado Oil

Our pick for the best general use avocado oil this year is the Chosen Foods 100% Pure Avocado Oil. The most popular variant on Amazon comes in a one-liter bottle, is non-GMO, and is promoted as a great option for high-heat cooking.

According to the manufacturer, pure avocado oil production is extremely delicious and fresh on the palate. It is made from only the best, fresh avocados that have been ripened to perfection.

Chosen Foods makes use of avocados that are grown in groves that are exposed to full sunlight. This means the avocados grow rapidly and ripen quickly, producing a ton of oil in the process. Sunlight is the avocado’s best friend, and these picky low-carbohydrate fruits can’t be grown just anywhere because of their sunlight requirement.

Chosen Foods’ avocado oil is a solid kitchen workhorse, able to withstand any cooking method. The mild flavor profile, which includes avocado hints and is earthy and naturally mellow, can be used for all kinds of marinades, salad dressing, pastry preparations, and meat-filled dishes.

If you want to shift from peanut oil or vegetable oil to an organic oil that performs just as well as refined cooking oils, we thought that this general use of avocado oil fits the bill easily.

Daily Use Avocado Oil

For daily use avocado oil, we think the Baja Precious Avocado Oil certainly fits the requirement. This avocado oil has a wonderfully deep, green color and is unrefined, processed only with a typical manual expeller. There is no bleach, no filler oils, and certainly, no chemical preservatives added in this avocado oil to ruin its flavor profile.

The Baja Precious avocado oil is best-suited for those who are just getting to know avocado oil. Who knows what you’ll love it for? Maybe your exotic salads need an oil that won’t be too strong, flavor-wise.

Maybe your cakes would gain a much-needed earthy overtone that would make your customers swoon. Avocado oil can compete with any other cooking oil because of its naturally high smoking point.

Why does the smoking point matter? The smoking point essentially reflects the durability of the cooking oil when stressed with high-temperature cooking. Examples of high-temperature cooking are baking and deep-frying. Once a cooking oil reaches its smoking point, its nutrients and flavors begin to dissipate within hours.

This is scientifically-backed, and it’s something you should think about if you want to buy the best cooking oil for your kitchen. We’d say that the avocado oil has the best qualities of an organic health oil and the cooking oil you would find in a restaurant’s professional kitchen. If you want an oil like that, then you know where to turn to.

If your typical day at home involves lots of frying, then you can make your meals healthier with the right cooking oil. Fortunately, avocado oil has become even more reliable and affordable in recent years, so even those who are saving up can still enjoy the health benefits of avocado oil.

And did we say that the health benefits of this special oil are scientific and medical? Check out the literature – you might surprise how healthy this cooking oil truly is! 

Best Avocado Oil for Trial

If you aren’t sure yet about using avocado oil, of course, you would want to buy a smaller quantity at first to see how it goes. For your first trial of this awesome organic and unrefined cooking oil, pick up a bottle of BetterBody Foods Avocado Oil 500 ml. Like the Baja Precious, we find this avocado oil’s color stunning. The solid green color is fresh and indicates that the avocado oil has not been bleached with chemicals to artificially remove the green pigment that naturally comes with the fruit. We don’t know why they remove the pigment in the first place from other oils; they give the cooking oil such character.

 Since this is a 500 ml. bottle, it’s better suited for smaller pantries and counters, and it’s certainly easier to swing around than a one-liter bottle if you are using avocado oil to dress small quantities of salad.

Organic health warriors who live alone will do well to pick up this 500 ml. bottle, which has an easy-grip container that is just perfect for extracting smaller quantiles.

What makes this bottle of organic oil better or equal to your usual EVOO? It’s in the flavor and the nutrients.

Avocado has a mild flavor, but the beautiful sweetness of avocado is still there, and you will be able to enjoy it while still enjoying the other flavors in the salad. Avocado oil’s flavor is not overwhelming and won’t ruin the careful mix of tastes prepared in the bowl.

And as for health benefits, avocado oil is dense with monounsaturated fats. Monounsaturated will keep your heart healthy, and they help increase your HDL level. HDL helps keep inflammation markers down, and they don’t clump like big fat globs in your veins.

Think about it: if you like putting oil on your food, why not add oil that doesn’t harm your heart?

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