What are the Best Coffeemakers?

by iupilon

There are different kinds of coffee makers on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms that can get confusing at times. What’s the right coffee maker for you? Is the best one cup coffee maker? What are the types of coffee makers currently offered? What is the best single-serve coffee maker right now based on customer reviews? Does an automatic coffee maker live up to its hype? Let’s find out in today’s awesome review!

Hamilton Beach Scoop Single Serve Coffee Maker

The Hamilton Beach Scoop Coffee Maker is ideal if you want the bare essentials for making a single serving of a perfect brew. The price point is desirable, and the easy operation of the machine is perfect for folks who want a less complicated machine to work with. It uses just 1.3 watts of power and has a durable stainless steel construction. This single-serve coffee machine weighs just 5.25 pounds, making it one of the lightest coffee machines around.

You will be able to brew any kind of ground coffee with the special single-scoop filter. There is also a fast brew option that can easily fill an eight-ounce cup or mug in just one minute and thirty seconds. If you have a larger container, like a 14-ounce mug, you will have to wait two minutes and thirty seconds to fill it.

According to the manufacturer, users should be free to experiment with their coffee. The boldness level of the coffee should be taken into consideration. Simply adjust the natural settings of the coffee maker when shifting to a different type of coffee ground. Whether you love regular coffee grounds or decaf, or you’re going for bolder global brands that bring the flavors of Eastern coffees to your doorstep, this single-serve coffee maker does its job well.

Furthermore, you can adjust the cup to the L-shaped adjuster to ensure that the cup’s lid is as close as possible to the dispensing needle. If you are using a larger cup or mug, make sure that you rest the larger container against the coffee maker’s side and make full use of the catch tray under the needle. Take note that they have another model, the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Single Service Coffee Maker that works with regular ground and coffee and K-cup pods. 

Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker (Single-Serve K-Cup Pod Brewer)

The Keurig K-Classic is indisputably one of the standards in single-serve coffee out there, so it sells at a slightly higher price than our previous model. However, the company does make up for it by providing a K-cup machine that can handle three quantities or cup sizes (six, eight, and ten ounces).

Keurig is the number one fork-cup pod brew machine. If you want the strongest formulation ever, go for the smallest cup size (six ounces) if you want something more mellow, the move to either eight ounces or ten ounces.

Another thing that we love about the K-Classic is that it has a massive cold water reservoir.

The cold water reservoir can hold a maximum of 48 ounces of water, so you can make up to six cups max without ever refilling the tank. The reservoir, unlike other machines, is removable, and this helps in keeping the machine clean.


The manufacturer encourages users to regularly descale their machines so the coffee will always come out pure and great. The simple, push-button controls are ideal for people who don’t want to dispute for more complex controls.

Breville-Nespres Nespresso Pixie with Aeroccino

The Pixie Espresso Machine is hailed as an industrial-style single-serve espresso machine. It is ideal for people with higher standards in coffee and would like to have a superior machine that provides a higher standard for experience for people who truly treasure their espresso.

The machine has a nineteen-bar pump and an accelerated heating system for the fastest response if you want to have an espresso. The machine is also designed to extract the absolute last drop of flavor from your coffee grounds, but it does so with simplicity and ease. The push-button controls are not complicated, and the overall interface is suitable for modern times.

One other difference with the Pixie Espresso Machine is that it does away with the conventional power button. You don’t have to repeatedly turn it off and on because it will be there on standby to ensure that your espresso is always ready when you need it.

The manufacturer has designed an Eco Mode to do away with the inconvenience of always starting from cold when you want a coffee cup.

We also love the fact that they build a fast preheat mechanism that reduces the heating time in the reservoir to an amazing twenty-five seconds, largely unheard of in other commercial single-serve machines.

Mueller Single-Serve Coffee Machine (Four Sizes)

Our final coffee machine for this post is no less desirable than the others because it simply gets the job done. Built with ease in mind, the Mueller Single-Serve Machine is compatible with pods and can handle four different brew sizes. Make the strongest brew available with the six-ounce cup, or do a mellow dance with a ten-ounce cup. Whatever makes you happy, the Mueller Single-Serve can deliver.

And like the Keurig, it also has a large cold water tank (48 ounces), and it can easily provide four to six servings of your favorite coffee with ease because of the large tank size. The tank is also removable, so you will have no issues keeping the tank clean and the rest of the coffee maker.

Customers love the fact that it is space-saving, and it doesn’t have that off smell or taste that is associated with brand new coffee machines. If you do detect this in any coffee machine, you can easily take care of it by running a couple of cycles of plain water through the machine to wash it first.


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