Weber Kettle Vs. UDS

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Smoking is a slow cooking method done by introducing volumes of smoke to your proteins. This process works best for challenging, fatty meat sources such as pork, beef, and whole chicken. There are two known methods of smoking: cold smoking and hot smoking. Hot smoking requires the use of smokers to impart a smoky flavor profile to your choice of protein.

Aside from elevating the flavor profile, smoking is also a known method of preservation. It dates back to the same time when communities use sun-drying. This preservation method works with the help of formaldehyde and certain alcohols found in your wood smoke. Smoking also helps in creating a “bark” on the outside of your meat. The meat’s bark creates a dark, thick crust that can only produce when the core reacts with prolonged smoking.

Types of Smokers

There are five known smokers available in the market based on their source of heat and smoke. These are electric smokers, propane smokers, charcoal smokers, wood smokers, and pellet smokers. Charcoal smokers are considered favorite barbecue lovers since it creates a deeper flavor than propane and electric profiles. Wood chips can also be added to the charcoal griller to add depth to the food’s flavor.

  • Certain wood used for smoking meats includes applewood, hickory, pecan, alder, oak, cherrywood, mesquite, and maple. For red meats, hickory and cherrywood are the two most used variants.

You will in grave need of having your own smoking equipment at home. There are two main charcoal grillers: (1) commercialized variants like Weber and (2) homemade smokers like UDS. Selecting the two variants has contrasting costs, materials, ease of use, and other additional factors.

  • Since Webber Kettle has is expensive for several barbecue enthusiasts, they’ve begun utilizing their sturdy plastic to create Ugly Drum Smokers or UDS. Due to its practicality and permanent modification, UDS is a great attempt to emulate the professional features provided by Webber Kettle.

Webber Kettle


Weber Kettle grill has been around since the 1950s, providing the best-tasting burger, hotdog, and steak for barbecue lovers worldwide. Through time, this family-favorite grill has adapted to the endless needs of enhanced smoking techniques.

Value for Money:

Get every worth that you’ve paid with this excellent charcoal grill. This griller has a sleek design that can add to the overall appeal of your grill day with yourself or even with your loved ones. Since the materials are rust-proof, expect that this grill will last for years despite continuous use. Purchasing this high-value grill is enough to meet your searing, grilling, and cooking needs.

Ease of Use:

Setting up your grill is pretty straightforward; the extensive tools can be done within 15 minutes with the need for minimal tools (such as a hammer and a Phillips-head screwdriver). Once built, you can instantly use it, no need to wait for the smoker’s materials to cure properly. The modern design offers an iconic and compact approach from the classic Weber charcoal grill.

For people that have minimal cooking knowledge, this smoker is not intimidating to use. You can use this charcoal grill without the fear of ruining the dish. However, even though it can be used as a makeshift smoker, this griller can be difficult for some first-time smokers and even veteran ones.

Customer Verdict:

Yes, get yourself this grill! Weber Original Kettle Premium 22” Charcoal Grill is a recommended purchase for investing in professional equipment. Using this grill setup will also reduce the time needed to create your charcoal grill. Furthermore, this griller’s price is entirely reasonable since it has additional features like a wheeled stand, a built-in thermometer, and an ash collector. In charcoal grilling, this brand has already surpassed competitors like the ceramic kamado grill variants.

Reduce the time spent making your griller with Weber Original Kettle Premium 22” Charcoal Grill. Explore the world of grilling in the comfort of your home by purchasing the best griller in the market.

Ugly Drum Smoker (UDS)


While it is an odd name to name a DIY project, ugly drum smokers gain its audience as the most cost-effective smoker. Just by using materials made available on hardware and thrift stores, you can customize yourself a charcoal smoker and griller. Compared to commercialized griller like the Weber griller series, ugly drum smokers are considered “set-it-and-forget-it” type of smoker—which recounts the actual meaning of slow cooking. You can leave your UDS for as long as 10 hours.

For people who have the patience and skill to create DIY projects, you may consider buying the materials used for making your very own UDS. For example, to make your own griller, you’ll be needing steel drum, hooks, hanging rods, baskets, barrel stand, and pit rubs. Another option is to purchase readily made DIY smokers in your neighborhood.

Value for Money:

Since the materials are available in thrift shops, you can quickly assemble your smoker with less than half the price of commercialized smokers—only if you have available tools like a power drill, wrench, and heat sources. Creating large UDS will save you many expenses in the long run since the charcoal used will be reduced. Purchasing an already-made UDS is suggested in terms of reducing operational costs.

Ease of Use:

Compared to charcoal grillers, most UDS are created to function as smokers as well. Since it has a larger built than commercialized grill, it may require extra time to prepare your smoke. It is suggested to heat your charcoal outside the metal drum due to its depth. Attaching additional equipment like lid holes and a built-in thermometer will help you regulate the heat and smoke volume.

Customer Verdict:

You can make or purchase yourself a UDS setup for those who want to create professional-level smoked meats at a meager cost. UDS doesn’t only function as a griller. It can also be used as a smoker. It also provides a better cooking option compared to the commercial griller types.

Get the cost-efficient equipment for your smoking and grilling needs—with the help of a UDS setup. Then, let the smoker do the cooking task for you, and it’s all thanks to the special modifications made possible by the crafting knowledge.

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